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Monday, June 13, 2022

Audiobook Lovin' 2022 Presents: Partner Spotlight - ALLURE Audiobook Convention

With the world starting to come back to a "normal", we're starting to see more events occurring including book signings and conventions. Many of the book events have realized there is a HUGE benefit of having narrators in attendance and considering the audiobook listener. 

So image how thrilled I was to learn that there is an upcoming book event that is SOLELY focused on audiobooks lovers! I'm still so freaking excited!! How awesome that an event exists that is catering to the book lover? 

The Audio Lover Listen Up Romance Extravaganza aka ALLURE is occurring September 22 - 24, 2022 in Chicago!  

This event is organized by Pink Flamingo Productions, Dragonfly Ink Publishing, and Audiobook Obsession! They have teamed up to bring us a 2-day audio focused book convention and signing at the historic Palmer House Hotel in downtown Chicago, Illinois. 

Click here to visit their website and grab your tickets! 

The list of authors and narrators attending this audiobook signing are fantastic. A great mix of some of our favorite with many that will surely become our favorites! 

There are also going to be two parties you're going to want come to!


Join us in the Grand Ballroom of The Palmer for a night of fun, food, drinks, and entertainment! Prepare to be wowed! 

Must be 21 or older to attend.


Get ready to go back in time to bootleggers and mobsters. 

Join us for our yearly meeting to discuss business. 

Brought to you by Dirty Little Secret Book Club!

This shopping event is open to ALL event attendees! 

Grab your tickets now! 
ALLURE is celebrating AUDIOBOOK MONTH by having a great sale! 25% off tickets! 

Take advantage of the sale while there are still tickets left!

Early Bird VIP Admission: SOLD OUT


General Admission: AVAILABLE





For a limited time only, save 25% off all ALLURE Audiobook Con ticket purchases! Get your tickets on 

EventBrite: https://bit.ly/3rooTsQ

Use coupon code AUDIOMONTH at checkout.

Offer ends June 30, 2022. New ticket sales only. Discount not valid on past purchases and is not transferable.

Authors, this is a great event for you to meet your narrators in person and get to know some fantastic new voices that can narrate your next audiobook! There will also be lots of audiobook production companies! Win/Win I say! 

Signing Narrators

Aaron Shedlock

Allyson Voller / Elle Sonali

Amanda Stribling

Amy Deuchler

Andi Arndt

Andy Garcia-Ruse

Aure Nash

Austenne Grey / Lilly Drake

Austin Rising

Ava Erikson

Blake Lockheart

Bridget Bordeaux

Cat Hipps

Charlie Ongel

Christian Black

Curt Bonnem

Emma Faye

Erin Spencer

Felicity Munroe 

FS Meurinne

Gary Bennett

Gina Rogers

Gregory Salinas

Heather Costa

Jake Bordeaux

James Anderson Foster

Jeffrey Kafer

Jennifer Blom

Jennifer Jill Araya / Isabelle Ruther

John Joseph Rogers

Joshua Macrae

Josie Kurz

Kasi Hollowell

Kelley Chaveston

Kelli Tager

Kelsey Navarro

Kirt Graves

Lacy Laurel

Laurie West

Lee Daniels

Lia Holland

Lindsey Dorcus / Sophie Daniels

Lu Banks / Luna Lions

M Bella

Maeve York

Meg Price

Meg Sylvan

Michael Gallagher

Michael Johnson

Michelle Price

Mike Carnes

Monica King / Gina Rogers

Natalie Duke / Lila Winters

Neill Thorne

Nicole Renè

Ramona Master

Sarah Puckett

Sebastian Leon

Senn Annis / Ramona Radcliff

Shaina Summerville

Stefanie Kay

Stephanie Rose

Stephen Borne

Suzanne Barbetta

Teri Clark Linden

Tim Paige

Tor Thom

Troy Duran

Vanessa Moyen

Vikas Adam

Winona Owen

Zara Eden

Signing Authors

A.M. Johnson

Aidy Award

AJ Merlin

Albany Walker

Ali Pierce

Amabel Daniels

Ashley Munoz

Avery Flynn

Becca Steele

Bree M. Lewandowski

Britt Andrews

CA Miconi

Cameron Hart / Skye Adler

Catherine Gagnon

Catherine Wiltcher

CJ Warrant

Dakota Willink

Daniela Romero

Elizabeth Knight

Frankie Page

Frost Kay

Hannah McBride

Helen Scott

Heather Guimond

Holly Renee

Ivy Nelson

J.R. Thorn

Jen L. Grey

Jenn D. Young

Jewels Arthur

K.L. Shandwick 

Kelleigh Clare

Leigh Lennon

Lexi C. Foss / A.C. Kramer 

Lisa Edmonds

LJ Evans

M. Sinclair

Maz Maddox

Measha Stone

Melissa Ellen

Michelle Hercules

Nicole Fiorina

Patricia D. Eddy

Pepper North

PJ Fiala

R.L. Caulder

Rachel Leigh

Rebecca Hefner / Ayla Asher

Ryleigh Sloan

S. Massery

Sandra A. Sigfusson

Sara Cate

Sharon Michalove

Shaw Hart / Skye Adler

Sierra Christenson

Sinclair Kelly

Thora Woods

Veronica Eden

Wendi Wilson / Piper James

NOTE: This is an incomplete list. Some attendee names may be tentative or missing as we wait for authors and narrators to complete their registration. This list will be updated frequently as we confirm and process registrations.

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