Monday, June 26, 2017

Audiobook Lovin 2017 Presents: Angela Dawe Interview

Today we get to share with you our interview with Narrator Angela Dawe. 
It was so much fun! We adore her and we hope you will too! 

Below are some audio clips for you to check out and fall totally for Angela!
She truly does a phenomenal job and brings these characters to life. I'm currently listening to SILVER SILENCE and wow!!! LOVING IT!!!  Don't forget to enter the giveaways! 

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Audiobook Lovin 2017 Presents: Dannika Dark Spotlight Feature

Hi Everyone!
I wanted to do a feature on Dannika Dark as I not only do I love her books but her audiobooks are phenomenal! Her books are narrated by Nicole Poole and I adore her! Both have been our guest since our first Audiobook Lovin 2015 and we are extremely appreciative and thankful! I had the pleasure of chatting with Nicole for this year's Audiobook Lovin', click here to listen and learn more about Nicole! 

Dannika has a new series CROSSBREED and I have enjoyed getting to know the new characters and a certain vampire that was all about his privacy and came off a bit aloof when we first met him in the MAGERI SERIES. No worries, if you have yet to read the MAGERI Series series, you can start with this series and then work your way to the MAGERI Series! 

What I LOVE about Dannika's books is that while they are all in the same WORLD, each series and each book is uniquely different! There is also a little bit of everything for everyone. 


(Crossbreed Series, Bk #2)
By Dannika Dark


Two weeks after joining Keystone, Raven Black is ready to take on the world as a criminal hunter for hire. If only her partner wasn’t a bloodsucking Vampire with a penchant for getting under her skin. Despite her lavish surroundings, Raven misses the freedom of life without rules. And Keystone’s next assignment is about to test her self-control in more ways than one. 

Dead bodies are popping up in the human district, and all signs point to a Breed serial killer. In order to catch him, Raven and Christian embark on a mission that takes their partnership into uncharted waters. Lives are at stake. Can Raven trust her instincts, or will she fall into a web spun from lies and deceit?

Time is running out in this pulse-pounding tale of dark secrets, murder, and forbidden desires.

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Audiobook Lovin 2017 Presents: Nelson Hobbs - Spotlight

Hi Everyone! Today we're are spotlighting Narrator Nelson Hobbs!
Below are a few audio clips for you to check out. Let us know what you think and if you've listened to his narrations which one you recommend.
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Friday, June 23, 2017

Audiobook Lovin 2017 Presents: Sean Crisden Interview

Hi!! We're thrilled to have Narrator Sean Crisden with us today! I had the honor of chatting with Sean and had lots of fun!! Click on the widget below to listen to our chat and then check out some of the audio clips from his work and
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Audio Clips

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Examples of Sean's amazing talents!

Below is the clip from last year's post where Sean provided us with his
Top 5 Favorite Things About Being an Audiobook Narrator!

Can I say, that I LOVE how he says my name and that of my blog! Squeeeee!

About The Narrator

Sean Crisden is a multitalented actor and an AudioFile Earphones Award–winning narrator who has recorded audiobooks in almost every genre, from science fiction to romance. He has also voiced characters in numerous video games, such as the award-winning ShadowGun, and appeared in many commercials and films, including The Last Airbender. A native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Sean now resides in Southern California practicing Wing Chun kung fu and taking epic naps.

You can find Sean at 

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Audiobook Lovin Presents 2017: Molly E. Lee Interview & Giveaway

Excited to have Author Molly E. Lee with us today!

Audio Clip

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Molly's Newest Release!

Edge of Regret
(Love on the Edge Book 7)
by Molly E. Lee

Leading man on the new E.D.G.E. series reality show? Check.

Stunt-double for the star in the latest, multi-million-dollar funded military movie? Check.

Work with a sexy female military expert? Holy hell, check.

When I signed on to do stunts for Hollywood’s eagerly awaited war-thriller, I thought it would be like every other gig—go in, try not to get killed, and leave with a fat check and an adrenaline rush. This time? Not so much. 

Mackenzie Patterson is the on-set expert. She knows topographical layouts, government lingo, speaks four languages, and is one of the best explosive disposal leaders the Air Force has ever seen, so she’s more than qualified. 

She’s also the woman who turned my teenage heart to ash.

I can’t ignore the darkness that has appeared in her eyes, or the urge I have to take it away. 

Quitting isn’t an option, but the more I see her, the more I want to make her mine. And that can never happen because our past is twisted with heartbreak, hate, and regret. 

Every second I spend with her is a battle between holding on to the anger in my heart—and giving in to the love that never left.

Available for purchase at 

About The Author

Molly E. Lee is an author best known for her debut novel EDGE OF CHAOS, and as a fourth year mentor at Pitch Wars - a program which connects promising writers to established authors in the community. Molly writes New Adult and Young Adult Contemporary featuring strong female heroines who are unafraid to challenge their male counterparts, yet still vulnerable enough to have love sneak up on them.

You can find Molly E. at 

Molly's Giveaway

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Audiobook Lovin 2017Presents: Heather Killough-Walden Guest Post

Please welcome Author Heather Killough-Walden to Audiobook Lovin! 

Five Secrets about Heather Killough-Walden’s Books
(that she’s going to let you in on right now)

1.     The sexiest character I’ve ever written exists, not in one of my romance novels, but in the romantic thriller: Hell Bent. The connection between the assassin, Jack Thane, and the woman he loves, Annabelle Drake, has been heralded by Hell Bent readers as the most intense they’ve ever read.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Audio Book Lovin' 2017 Presents: Nicole Poole Interview

Hi Everyone! 
I had the pleasure of chatting with Narrator Nicole Poole and it was a blast! 

Here is a phenomenal clip that showcases Nicole's range, gift and talent!

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