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Audiobook Review: The Truth About Lennon by K. L. Grayson

The Truth About Lennon
By K.L. Grayson
Narrated by: Kai Kennicott & Wen Ross

Lennon Barrick-St. James is making headlines as New York City's hottest new socialite. Only she isn't new at all. One well-intentioned night gone horribly wrong has landed the daughter of vice presidential candidate Christopher St. James on the front page of every newspaper and magazine in the country.

Forced by her father to stay out of the limelight, Lennon flees to the quiet town of Heaven, Texas, where she vows to lie low and avoid men. Well, except for the sexy biker she just ran off the road - she definitely won't be avoiding him.

Noah Cunningham already has one girl in his life, and he sure as hell doesn't need another. Especially the beautiful and sinfully sweet angel that just descended upon the quiet little town he calls home.

The only problem is that the more time he spends with Lennon, the more he wants to be with her. And that's just not going to work for Noah. He's already been burned once, and he's not so sure he's ready to go down that road again.

Noah has spent the last five years putting his life back together after secrets and lies ripped it apart. So what will happen when he learns the truth about Lennon?

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Viviana's Review:

Doing things a bit differently for this one... Two "firsts" for me with THE TRUTH ABOUT LENNON.... first time reading/listening to a new to me author K.L. Grayson and first time listening to the narrators Kai Kennicott & Wen Ross. This is perfect example on how a Narrator can totally introduce readers to authors. I had seen the cover but didn't place it on my TBR or Wish list, you know, so many books not enough time. Enter narrator Wen Ross.... he was a guest on one of the FB groups I'm in and I had the opportunity to listen to the video (multi-tasker here) and he has a great voice and did a few accents and well, I was definitely curious and looked at his catalog on Audible and checked out some additional samples. This is also where I got to listen to Kai and I really enjoyed her voice! Enter a mutual friend and I'm provided with the opportunity to review a book narrated by Wen and Kai. How did I decide? Accent! A good/great accent can make it or break it for me and Wen does a great "southern drawl" accent and when I learned this is one where the accent would be used... SOLD! lol Okay now to do a review on the book and then the narrators! :)

THE TRUTH ABOUT LENNON is a standalone story that is sweet, sexy and includes an adorable 5 year old and the main characters' two BFFs that I hope get their own story. This is an "insta-love" and a secret that wouldn't have been THAT big of deal if the main character would have just been honest from the beginning. We, the reader, learns what that secret is way in the beginning. Before the truth is revealed Noah has finally opened his heart and Lennon is shown that there are decent human beings out in the world and that she can be who she wants to be regardless of what is expected of her.

Remember that I said this was an insta-love, there were a few moments where I laughed because Noah was trying so hard to stay away. Lennon was also funny in her persistence to get Noah to allow her help him. They definitely have chemistry and the attraction is there.  I feel that this would have been a better story if there was a bit more of "getting to know you" and tension between the two before BAM the insta-love occurred. But hey... tropes, right? 

As with any good romance, their HEA occurs and its a matter of allowing conversations to occur and listening to each other vs. letting emotions get in the way. I have a hard time believing and liking the insta-loves when one minute he's declaring his love and how he knows her and the minute they have a conflict arise, he's angry, not listening to her, believing others and walks away. As I said, once conversations occurred, things were fixed and we have our HEA. 

Narrators' Review: 
THE TRUTH ABOUT LENNON is narrated in duet form, meaning that the male narrator narrates all the male characters and the female narrator narrates all the female characters. Its like having them do a performance so when they are bantering and cut each other off, they really do. If you're used to sole narrators or dual narration, it may take a little bit to get used to the interaction but worth the investment of the listener. THE TRUTH ABOUT LENNON truly benefits from this style!  

Kai has this ability to bring to life the sarcasm of the characters! She executes the perfect pitch and tone that I'm like "Ohhhh loving the smartassness"! Then she brings the deeper, heart wrenching emotions to the listener that it allows you to feel for the character! 

Wen... did I mention the sexy southern drawl? lol Aside from the sexy accent, Wen's performance is totally on point! He provides each of the characters their own tones/voices and like Kai is able to bring emotions to the characters causing the listener to connect with the character. 

Kai & Wen are a great team as they play off each others' strength and provide an extra dimension to the characters and the overall story.  

Overall, I'm extremely happy that I discovered a new author that I will be checking out their book list and have totally added both Kai and Wen to my list of narrators that rock! I really liked the story and really hope their BFFs get their own story! 

Story: 3 Stars - I liked it!
Narrators' Performance: 4 Stars - Loved it! 
Overall rating: 3.5 Stars - I really liked it! 

Rating; 3.5 Stars - I Really Liked It! 

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the Narrator's Team, in exchange for an honest review. This review is my own opinion and not a paid review.

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Audiobook Review: Easy Nights by Kristen Proby

Easy Nights 
(Boudreaux Series, Bk #6)
by Kristen Proby 
Narrated by Rachel Fulginiti and Zachary Webber


No one said change was easy…

Savannah Boudreaux knows what it is to hurt. To bleed. To be afraid that the man she’s promised to be true to until “death do us part” might in fact separate them far sooner than anyone had ever anticipated. But Van also knows what it is to survive. To move on. To live life to the fullest. With five brothers and sisters and a loving mother as her constant source of strength during the pain and the healing, Van realizes there is little else she needs.

But some things never change…

Benjamin Preston sat on the sidelines of the Boudreaux family for years, in love with a woman he couldn’t have. As the best friend of the Boudreaux brothers since childhood, Ben has seen both tragedies and joys in the family. And as a former MMA fighter and Krav Maga expert, Ben’s used to fighting for what he wants—and winning. His hands were tied when Savannah married her high school sweetheart not long after graduation, but now two years have passed since Ben found Savannah broken in her own home.

Sometimes what you need most has been right in front of you the whole time…

Van’s convinced that happiness isn’t in the cards for her, no matter how right it feels to be in Ben’s strong arms—and his bed. Ben is determined to win her heart and fight for her trust. He’s promised to protect her, to be her friend. But more than anything, he wants to finally make her his, and this is one fight he’s not willing to lose.

Available for purchase at 

Viviana's Review: 
Readers of this series have been eagerly awaiting for Ben's and Val's HEA. We knew it would happen, we wanted to know how it would all play out. Ben has always been awesome! We loved his friendship to the Boudreaux brothers and his loyalty to the whole family. We also loved his tenderness and protective nature towards Van. He loved her from afar. I knew he would be patient with her once they got together and thought her trust issues (due to her past history) would be the conflict in the story. Nope. They fell step in step with each other once they finally got together. Which, honestly, I had a bit of an issue with. Based on her history and everything she went through, regardless of the fact that she KNEW Ben is totally different and would never hurt her, she should have had some issues... but nope.

The conflict came from a twist we weren't expecting or saw coming. Kristen seemed to try to add some suspense to the story and there were moments where it seemed to far fetch and others where it was just off. Fore example, the reason why she stayed in the abusive relationship for as long as she did. Considering who her family is and how they are with each other, it wasn't believable. This really knocked my love for the story. 

Narrator Review: 
I love Zachary Webber. He is a great narrator and has the ability to bring a vulnerability to the male characters, yet still be totally sexy and alpha. Which totally works for this book! Rachel has narrated the entire series and continues with her excellent performance.

Overall, it was a good read/listen. I wish there would have been more... what exactly, I can't seem to pin point it. Perhaps it was all the anticipation for the story and it not living up to it that is more disappointing. I still really liked it but not as much as I had hoped.

Rating: 3.5 Stars - I REALLY LIKED IT!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Audible in exchange for an honest review. This review is my own opinion and not a paid review.

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Spotlight & Giveaway: Hot Pursuit by Julie Ann Walker

Hot Pursuit 
(Black Knights Inc. Book 11) 
Julie Ann Walker


Welcome to Black Knights Inc.
What appears to be a tricked-out motorcycle shop on the South Side of Chicago is actually headquarters for the world's most elite covert operatives. Deadly, dangerous, and determined, they'll steal your breath and your heart.

Fighting for his life is pretty much standard operating procedure for Christian Watson, former SAS Officer. Doing it with bossy, beautiful BKI office manager Emily Scott in tow is another matter entirely.

Available for purchase at 


What was he doing?
What the bloody hell was he doing?
Emily didn’t realize it, but all her acts of caring, her selfless moments of kindness—from waking him from his nightmare to pulling him into the cab of the pickup truck—had torn open his chest, ripped out his heart, and served it up on a platter.
Then, when she had stepped in front of him, ready to take a bullet that was bloody well meant for him, he had stopped pretending that what he felt for her was lust mixed with a heavy dose of vexation. Stopped pretending that he wasn’t completely arse over teakettle about everything she did, everything she said. Each smile. Each laugh. Each witty quip.
In that moment, he had known. Heart. On. A. Platter.
All she had to do was take it.
Unfortunately, he was the one taking.
Taking a kiss she hadn’t granted. Taking a taste she didn’t return. Taking advantage of a beastly situation.
Had he lost his mind? Had he forgotten the unwritten rule? The one that was bold, underlined, and all in caps?
Not to mention, he’d lost control of himself, of the moment. He blamed it on the memory of Emily in that bastard’s grip. The sight of her there—a pistol to her head, her eyes wide with fear, but her jaw gritted tight because she refused to give in to it—was forever tattooed onto the backs of his eyelids. He knew he’d see it when he closed his eyes at night.
It took effort, but he ripped his mouth away from Emily’s and dropped his hands. Curling his fingers into fists, he locked his jaw until his molars begged for mercy.
“Whaaa?” She blinked up at him through the rain in confusion.
“Sorry.” He ground out. The word was guttural. Hard. “I shouldn’t have…” He shook his head, water flying from the ends of his hair. “Just…sorry, okay?”
Her mouth opened in a bewildered little O. That mouth that tasted like mint toothpaste with a lingering hint of buttered toast. His favorite flavor used to be Welsh cakes, but now it was Emily. Emily and her mint toothpaste with lingering hints of buttered toast.
“That won’t happen again,” he assured her before grabbing her hand and towing her toward the others.
He had thought for sure the man in the black pants and the white shirt was dead. Ben’s shot looked as if it had drilled the bloke directly in the heart. Which meant Christian felt like a total prat for stopping to ask Emily why she had stepped in front of him—for stopping to kiss her—when they arrived in time to hear the decidedly alive man whisper his name. “Philippe Dubois.”
“You’re Boss’s friend,” Ace said, applying pressure to Philippe’s wound. “You’re the former Armée de L’Air commandant.”
Oui. C’est moi,” Philippe managed, water dripping from his chin and earlobes. He wasn’t wheezing. That was good. Meant the bullet hadn’t collapsed his lung.
“Don’t try to talk, Philippe,” Ace told him. “Rusty, call airport security.”
Christian was already pulling his mobile from his soaking hip pocket. The rain had let up. No longer a deluge, it was now more of a steady drip. “We don’t need security. We need an ambulance. This man needs to go to hospital.”
He dialed 999 without hesitation and waited for his call to connect. Dropping his free hand back to his side, he was startled when Emily grabbed it, threading her fingers through his. They felt dainty, delicate. And freezing wet. He desperately wanted to kiss them warmer, kiss them dry.
Glancing at her, he blinked the water from his lashes but couldn’t stop the questions in his eyes. So you forgive me? For taking without asking? For kissing you when you’ve given me no indication you were interested?
Before she could answer, an operator’s voice sounded in his ear, all efficient and bored. After explaining the nature of Philippe’s wound and what had happened in the vaguest of terms, he gave the operator their location. When she asked for his name, he growled, “That’s not what’s bloody important. What’s bloody important is a man’s been shot and needs help. Hurry!” He abruptly hung up. “Help is on the way,” he announced.
Philippe’s white shirt was soaked with blood despite the pressure Ace applied.
“Damnit,” Christian growled, looking around for something to stanch the bleeding. Nothing else for it, he decided, dropping Emily’s hand—he really, truly hated doing that—and shrugging out of his coat. Next came his sweater. He tossed both pieces of clothing to her.

His white cotton undershirt was wet and sticking to his skin, but it would have to do.

About the Author

Julie Ann Walker is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of award-winning romantic suspense. She has won the Book Buyers Best Award, been nominated for the National Readers Choice Award, the Bookseller's Best Award, the Australian Romance Reader Awards, and the Romance Writers of America's prestigious RITA award. Her books have been described as "alpha, edgy, and downright hot." Most days you can find Julie on her bicycle along the lake shore in Chicago or blasting away at her keyboard, trying to wrangle her capricious imagination into submission.

You can find Julie at
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Instagram |
Amazon | Audible | Tantor


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Excerpt and Giveaway: One Summer Night by Caridad Pineiro

One Summer Night
(At the Shore Series, Book 1)
by Caridad Pineiro

An offer that’s impossible to accept…

Maggie Sinclair has tried everything to save her family’s business, including mortgaging their beloved beach house on the Jersey shore. But now, she’s out of options.

The Sinclair and Pierce families have been neighbors and enemies for almost thirty years. That hasn’t stopped Owen Pierce from crushing on Maggie, and he’s determined to invest in her success. Now he has to convince her that he’s more than just trouble with a capital T…

Available to purchase at 


Sea Kiss, New Jersey

Tracy Parker was in love with being in love.
That worried her best friend and maid of honor, Maggie Sinclair, more than she cared to admit.
In the middle of the temporary dance floor, Tracy waltzed with her new husband in a satin-and-lace designer gown, gleaming with seed pearls and twinkling sequins. But the sparkle dimmed in comparison to the dreamy glow in Tracy’s eyes.
The sounds of wedding music competed with the gentle rustle of seagrass in the dunes and the crash of the waves down on the beach. The fragrance from centerpiece flowers and bouquets battled with the kiss of fresh sea air.
Connie and Emma, Tracy’s two other best friends and members of the bridal party, were standing beside Maggie on the edge of the dance floor that had been set up on the great lawn of Maggie’s family’s beachfront mansion on the Jersey Shore. Huddled together, Maggie and her friends watched the happy couple do a final whirl.
“She’s got it so bad,” Maggie said, eyeing Connie and Emma with concern past the rim of her rapidly dis- appearing glass of champagne.
“Do you think that this time he really is The One?” Connie asked.
“Doubt it,” Emma replied without hesitation.
As the DJ requested that other couples join the happy newlyweds, Maggie and her friends returned to the bridal party dais set out on the patio. Grabbing another glass of champagne, Maggie craned her neck around the gigantic centerpiece piled with an almost obscene mound of white roses, ice-blue hydrangea, lisianthus, sheer tulle, and twinkling fairy lights and examined the assorted guests mingling around the great lawn and down by the boardwalk leading to the beach.
She recognized Tracy’s family from their various meetings over the years, as well as some of Tracy’s sorority sisters, like Toni Van Houten, who in the six years since graduation had managed to pop out a trio of boys who now circled her like sharks around a swim- mer. Although the wedding invite had indicated No Children, Toni had done as she pleased. Since Tracy had not wanted a scene at her dream beachfront wed- ding, Emma, who was doing double duty as the wedding planner for the event, had scrambled to find space for the children at the dinner tables.
“Is that Toni ‘I’ll never ruin my body with babies’ Toni?” Connie asked, a perplexed look on her features. At Maggie’s nod, Connie’s eyes widened in surprise, and she said, “She looks…happy.”
A cynical laugh erupted from Emma. “She looks crazed.”
Maggie couldn’t argue with either of their assessments. But as put-upon as their old acquaintance seemed, the indulgent smile she gave her youngest child was positively radiant.
Maggie skipped her gaze across the gathering to take note of all the other married folk. It was easy enough to pick them out from her vantage point on the dais, where she and her friends sat on display like days’ old cakes in the bakery. They were the last three unmarried women in an extended circle of business and college acquaintances.
“How many times do you suppose we’ve been bridesmaids now?” Maggie wondered aloud. She finished off her glass and motioned for the waiter to bring another.
“Jointly or severally?” asked Connie, ever the lawyer. “Way too many,” replied Emma, who, for a wedding planner, was the most ardent disbeliever in the possibility of happily ever afters.
Maggie hadn’t given marriage a first thought, much less a second, in a very long time. She’d had too many things going on in her life. Not that there hadn’t been a few memorable moments, most of which revolved around the absolutely worst man for her: Owen Pierce.
But for years now, she’d been dealing with her family’s business and its money problems, which had spilled over into her personal finances. As she gazed at the beauty of the manicured grounds and then back toward her family’s summer home, it occurred to her that this might be the last time she hosted a celebration like this here. She had mortgaged the property that she had inherited to funnel money into the family’s struggling retail store division.
Unfortunately, thanks to her father’s stubborn refusal to make changes to help the business, she spent way too much time at work, which left little time for romance. Not to mention that none of her casual dates had piqued her interest in that direction. Looking down from her perch, however, and seeing the happiness on so many faces suddenly had her reconsidering the merits of married life.
“Always a bridesmaid and never a bride,” she muttered, surprising herself with the hint of wistfulness in her tone.
“That’s because the three of us are all too busy working to search for Prince Charming,” Connie said, her defense as swift and impassioned as if she were arguing a case in court.
“Who even believes in that fairy-tale crap?” Emma’s gaze grew distracted, and she rose from her chair. “Excuse me for a moment. Carlo needs to see me about something.”
Emma rushed off to the side of the dance floor, where her caterer extraordinaire, Carlo Teixeira, raked a hand through his thick, brown hair in clear frustration. He wore a pristine white chef’s jacket and pants that enhanced his dark good looks.
Emma laid a hand on Carlo’s forearm and leaned close to speak to him, apparently trying to resolve a problem.
“She doesn’t believe in fairy tales, but her Prince Charming is standing right in front of her,” Connie said with a sad shake of her head.
Maggie took another sip of her champagne and viewed the interaction between Carlo and Emma. Definitely major sparkage going on, she thought.
“You’re totally right,” she said with an assertive nod. Connie smiled like the proverbial cat, her exotic green-gold eyes gleaming with mischief. “That’s why you hired me to represent your company as soon as I finished law school. Nothing gets past me.”
“Really? So what else do you think you’ve seen tonight?”
Raising her glass, her friend gestured toward the right of the mansion’s great lawn, where some of the frater- nity brothers from their alma mater had gathered. One of the men slowly turned to sneak a peek at them.
“Owen has been watching you all night long,” Connie said with a shrewd smile.
“Totally impossible, and you of all people should know it. Owen Pierce has absolutely no interest in me.” She set her glass on the table to hide the nervous tremble of her hand as her gaze connected with his for the briefest of moments. Even that fleeting link was enough to raise her core temperature a few degrees. But what woman wouldn’t respond like that?
In his designer tuxedo, Owen was the epitome of male perfection—raven-black hair, a sexy gleam in his charcoal-gray eyes, broad shoulders, and not an ounce of fat on him, which made her recall seeing him in much, much less on a hot summer night on Sea Kiss Beach. She had been staying in the quaint seaside town on the Jersey Shore with her grandmother that summer, much as she had all her life. As they also had for so many years, the Pierce boys had been residing next door for the entire season.
The two beachfront mansions had been built side by side decades earlier, before the start of the Pierce and Sinclair rift. The cost of waterfront real estate had esca- lated so drastically since their construction that neither family was willing to sell their beloved home to put some distance between the warring clans.
Well, make that the warring fathers, because as far as Maggie was concerned, she had no beef with Owen.

At the Shore series:
One Summer Night (Book 1)
What Happens in Summer (Book 2)

Praise for Caridad Pineiro:
"A love story like nothing you've read before! This premise is utterly unique, and so original and brilliant that I wish I'd thought of it first." —New York Times Bestseller Maggie Shayne
“Pineiro is definitely an author to watch." —Fresh Fiction 

About The Author

NY Times and USA Today Bestseller Caridad Pineiro is a Jersey Girl who just wants to write, travel, and spend more time with family and friends. Caridad is the author of nearly 50 novels/novellas and loves romance novels, super heroes, TV and cooking. Caridad writes dark and sexy romantic suspense and paranormal romances for those who live to love on the edge. Her sweet, but still naughty side, Charity Pineiro, writes contemporary romances packed with emotion and humor. For more information on Caridad/Charity, please visit 

You can also find Caridad


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Cover Reveal Blitz: The Real Deal by Lauren Blakely


THE REAL DEAL is coming July 10, 2018! 
A sexy, witty, and heartfelt brand new standalone romantic comedy from #1 New York Times bestseller Lauren Blakely, THE REAL DEAL is sure to make you swoon, laugh, and squirm at all the right moments. Pre-order your copy today! And don’t miss the new cover below!


by Lauren Blakely

Sophie Kinsella meets Jennifer Crusie in your next favorite romantic comedy,

April Hamilton wants you to know she hasn’t been on Craigslist since that time she sold her futon after college. She doesn’t even spend that much time online. And even if she did, she would not be looking up personal ads. But going home alone for her family's summer reunion is an invitation for every single relative to butt into her personal life. She simply can’t handle another blind date with the butcher, the baker or the candlestick maker from her hometown. So when she finds the Craigslist ad for a boyfriend-for-hire, she’s ready to pay to play.

Heading Home and Need a Buffer? I’m the REAL DEAL.

Theo Banks has been running from the past for years. He’s this close to finally settling all his debts, and one more job as a boyfriend-for-hire will do the trick. He’s no gigolo. Please. He’s something of an actor, and he knows how to slip into any role, including pretending to be April’s new beau -- the bad boy with the heart of gold.

Even if it means sleeping in close quarters in that tiny little bed in her parents’ inn. Even if it means spinning tales of a romance that starts to feel all too true. What neither one of them counts on is that amid the egg toss, the arm wrestling, and a fierce game of Lawn Twister that has them tangled up together, they might be feeling the real deal.

She only wanted to show her family once and for all that she had no need to settle down.

He didn’t expect to have the time of his life at her parent’s home.

They didn’t plan on loving every single second of the game.

But can a masterful game of pretend result in true love?


Amazon US Amazon UK Amazon Paperback iBooks Barnes & Noble Kobo Google Play BAM Indiebound


About The Author

A #1 New York Times Bestselling author, Lauren Blakely is known for her contemporary romance style that's hot, sweet and sexy. She lives in California with her family and has plotted entire novels while walking her dogs. With fourteen New York Times bestsellers, her titles have appeared on the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestseller Lists more than 80 times, and she's sold more than 2 million books. In June she'll release THE KNOCKED UP PLAN, a standalone romantic comedy. To receive an email when Lauren releases a new book, sign up for her newsletter! 


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Audiobook Review: Shade's Lady by Joanna Wylde

Shade's Lady (Reapers MC #6.5)
by Joanna Wylde
Narrated by Tatiana Sokolov and Sean Crisden 


New York Times bestselling author Joanna Wylde returns to the world of the Reapers Motorcycle Club…

Looking back, none of this would’ve happened if I hadn’t dropped my phone in the toilet. I mean, I could’ve walked away from him if I’d had it with me.

Or maybe not.

Maybe it was all over the first time he saw me, and he would’ve found another way. Probably—if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that Shade always gets what he wants, and apparently he wanted me.

Right from the first.

Shade's Lady is a stand-alone story. There is no need to have listened to any prior Reapers MC stories to enjoy Shade's Lady.

Available for purchase at 

Viviana's Review: 
Sooooo, I had read their ending (the epilogue) before I read their beginning. I really enjoyed it though there was one part that was cute but I didn't quit understand why they didn't do "breakfast" and now.... Awwwwww!

Okay "Shade's Lady" can totally be read as a stand-alone. It was nice to get to know Shade as we have heard of him in some of the previous books and as the National President of the Reapers, there is a great level of respect for the man and yeah.... as a biker, a touch man who you don't want to mess with. Getting to know a different side of him was nice. Don't get me wrong, he's a total alpha and takes his responsibility to his club and his men completely seriously.

Mandy, the heroine, is strong and independent and can totally hold her own against Shade's alpha male tendencies. She's moved in with her sister to her out with her kids. Though Mandy hasn't been lucky in love or in life, she is hopeful and knows there is more out there for her.

While I'm usually a bit nervous when it comes to reading novellas as you never know how things will turn out in such short length. However, Joanna did a fabulous job of providing us with a full story with well developed characters!

I've listened to both narrators Tatiana Sokolov and Sean Crisden and love their work! They both do a fantastic job of providing each character with their own tones and voices. Bonus that they both do an awesome job with the opposite sex voices. 

Overall, this was a great read and has a little bit of everything from the sexy bikers, characters that are likable, steamy scenes and it will leave you wanting more. 

Rating: 3.5 Stars - I REALLY LIKED IT!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Audible in exchange for an honest review. This review is my own opinion and not a paid review.
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