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Monday, June 22, 2020

Audiobook Lovin' 2020 Presents: Tim Paige Guest Post and Giveaway

Today's guest is the extremely talented Narrator Tim Paige! I loved having as a guest for the podcast and of course invited him to be a guest in this year's Audiobook Lovin Series! 

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Click here to listen to the Podcast interview with Tim Paige!

Check out the audio samples below and don't forget to enter the giveaways!

Audiobook Samples

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Available for purchase at Audible | Kindle | Amazon Paperback 

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About The Narrator

Hi. I'm Tim Paige, and I'd love to be your narrator.

I'm a father to two awesome little boys (and a 4 lb toy poodle). We're a little too obsessed with Disney (#Disnerds) and Marvel Comics.

I spent a large part of my life as a touring musician, playing on some of the biggest stages in the world (including on MTV's TRL, back when that was a thing). 

I also practiced and taught marketing (mostly at software startups) so I've got tech expertise, as well as experience with entrepreneurship, startups, and motivation.

I'm a bit obsessed with weight lifting and nutrition, so you'll often find me studying scientific papers on how different foods effect the human body... and then at the free weights at the gym to test how they impact my strength.

Rom Coms are my JAM, so if something has a HEA, count me in. 

I've not only narrated best-selling books, but have also voiced national commercials, tv show promos, trailers, and more. Thanks for stopping in. 

You can connect with Tim at 

Tim's Giveaway

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  1. How awesome is Tim? I haven't listened to enough of his narrations but I am definitely planning on fixing that.

  2. I enjoyed the top 5 and the excerpts. I don’t believe I’ve listened to any of Tim’s books. Of the excerpts, my favorite was Clutch Player.