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Welcome to the Audiobook Lovin Podcast, discussing all things audiobooks, the narrators that perform them and the authors that write the stories. The Audiobook Lovin Podcast is brought to you by Viviana, Enchantress of Books.

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Viviana Izzo is the owner and operator of the award-winning Enchantress Design and Promo, providing Marketing and Promotional consulting and services, and Graphic Design services that include eBooks, Print Books, Graphic Teasers, Social Media Site Design, Web and Print advertisements, and animated widgets for websites, etc.

She is also the owner and operator of the award-winning blog Viviana, Enchantress of Books, designed to connect readers, authors and narrators. In addition, she is the host of the popular series, Audiobook Lovin’, a month-long event which occurs, in June. 

Viviana has a B.S. Degree in Business Management with a in minor Marketing and an A.A. Degree in Culinary Arts.

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Season Five

S5 Ep. 15 - Coming Soon

Season Four

S4 Ep. 34 - Narrator Meghan Kelly

S4 Ep. 33 - Angelina Rocca

The podcast returns in full swing in July! 
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S4 Ep. 32 - Narrato Chris Brinkley

S4 Ep. 31 - Narrator Tyler Darby

S4 Ep. 30 - Author Denise Grover Swan

S4 Ep. 28 - Author Michelle Hercules and Actor/Singer/Narrator Luke Eisner

S4 Ep. 27 - Author Kaylene Winter

S4 Ep. 26 - Author Michelle Major

S4 Ep. 25 - Author Samantha Baca

S4 Ep. 24 - Author Claire Hastings

S4 Ep. 23 - Author Kelly Kay

S4 Ep. 22 - Authors Piper and Jack Davenport

S4 Ep. 21 - Author Stella Andrews

S4 Ep. 20 - Author Patricia D. Eddy

S4 Ep. 19 - Author Sophie Stern

S4 Ep. 18 - Author Nikki Castle

S4 Ep. 17 - Author Krista Sandor and Narrator Monica King

S4 Ep. 16 - Special Annual Holiday Message 2022

Audiobook Lovin Podcast: S4 Ep15: Updates and Luke Daniels

S4 Ep. 14 - Updates and Kristen Ashley

S4 Ep. 13 - Author Landon Beach and Narrator Scott Brick

S4 Ep. 12 - Narrator Gregory Salinas

S4 Ep. 11 - Anne Marie Lewis

S4 Ep. 10 - Teri Clark Linden

S4 Ep. 9 - Stephanie Rose

S4 Ep. 8 - L.J. Evans

S4 Ep. 7 - Maz Maddox

S4 Ep. 6 - Kit Swann

S4 Ep. 5 - Shaina Summerville

S4 Ep. 4 - Narrator Joshua Macrae

S4 Ep. 3 - Narrator Ramona Master

S4 Ep2 - Author Pepper North

S4 Ep1 - Narrator Austenne Grey

Season Three

The podcast returns in full swing in July! 
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Season Two

The podcast returns in full swing in July!
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Season One