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Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Audiobook Lovin' Series Presents: Sponsorship Spotlight - PJ Fiala


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Finding Lara
(Ghost Legacy, Book 1)
By PJ Fiala
Narrated by Rose Dioro and Troy Duran

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Enjoy this steamy small-town protector romance by USA Today best-selling author PJ Fiala.

He’s a GHOST operative tasked with the impossible.
She’s a small town baker with the perfect blend of sweet and sass.
When Lara’s abducted, Tate stops at nothing to get her back.

When the job can only be handled by the team that doesn’t exist, you call GHOST.

For Tate Vickers, becoming a GHOST operative was inevitable. Being raised by GHOST operatives, he and his coworkers played rescue games as children. When he’s tasked to run the elite group’s satellite location in Kentucky, he jumps at the chance and brings his friends along. But Glen Hollow, Kentucky isn’t what it seems. There’s a dark secret living in the hills and a war is about to erupt.

Lara Bennit grew up baking in her mom’s kitchen. Now she bakes in her own and makes a respectable living doing what she loves. When local criminals break into her bakery and steal ingredients – repeatedly, her frustration grows. Then Tate walks into her small-town-shop, and his presence is as comforting as the cinnamon rolls she just added to the bakery case. Maybe everything will be okay after all.

Or maybe her real problems are just beginning. And Tate is tasked with the ultimate job…

To Find Lara

Finding Lara is the first novel in the GHOST Legacy Romantic Suspense Series, although all books in the GHOST Legacy world can be read as standalones. A steamy romantic story with a guaranteed happily ever after, it does have some strong language and exciting sexy times. Enjoy Tate and Lara!

About Our Sponsor

USA Today Best Selling Author,  PJ Fiala, has independently published multiple romance novels over the years. Focusing primarily on romantic suspense, she weaves a little bit of reality with a little bit of make-believe to create stories with heat, heart and all the feels. PJ lives in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area but travels to destinations unknown via motorcycle. Spending time with her grandmother Ruth, in Kentucky has helped to mold PJ into a person who enjoys life on the farm as well as life in the burbs. But it was romance novels that took her to places she’d only dreamed of and solidified her love of all things romance and swoony. Her family keeps her feet on the ground when her mind travels too far from home, delivering both a reality check and a nudge to keep it real.

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