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Thursday, June 8, 2023

Audiobook Lovin 2023 Presents: Narrator Maxine Mitchell


It was so awesome to catch up and chat with guest Narrator Maxine Mitchell! She's a woman of many talents and is such a ray of sunshine! You can't help but be in an awesome mood when she's around!!

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Upcoming Release(s) 

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Until Mayhem
(Court of Mayhem, Book 1)
By Layla Frost
Narrated by Maxine Mitchell and Troy Duran

Release Date: June 13, 2023

Available for pre-order at

(Harper Security Ops, Book 9)
By A.K. Evans
Narrated by Connor Crais and Maxine Mitchell

Release Date: June 27, 2023

Available for pre-order at

Filthy Lies
The Five Points' Mob Collection, Book 8
By Serena Akeroyd
Narrated by Joe Arden and Maxine Mitchell

Release Date: June 27, 2023

Available for pre-order at

About Our Guest

Maxine Mitchell is an award-winning narrator of over 500 audiobooks. She is passionate about animals, traveling, coffee, a good bottle of wine, fresh baked goods, and great stories. She had a mobile childhood, moving every couple years, that she would not trade for anything. She still gets the itch to move around, but now she gets to do that every day in books.

Connect with at

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