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Sunday, November 6, 2022

Sultry Listeners Awards 2022 - Winners and 2023 Updates

 The 2022 Sultry Listeners Awards have come to an end and we have winners!!

Click on the title of each award which is linked below to see each of the winners and the runner ups! 

Contemporary Romance

Paranormal Romance 

Romantic Suspense

Historical Romance 

LGBTQ+ Romance

POC Romance 

Important reminder: 

@thegeekyblogger #SultryListeners ♬ original sound - Felicia S

Message from Felicia


My final Sultry Listeners thoughts

I'm honored to be taking on the Sultry Listeners Awards going forward! It's in great hands! Lots of fun and great things coming in 2023!  

Until next time, happy listening!

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