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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Audiobook Lovin 2021 Presents: Social Media Posts & Reviews

One of the best ways to thank both the author(s) and the narrator(s) is to share the book's information across the social media platforms and leaving reviews. 

I'm always asked what should a review include or if there is a specific way to post or verbiage to include when sharing on social media. Let's tackle social media first. 

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Okay, here we go! 

Social Media

Ideally you'll want to include a picture with your post, whether that is the book cover itself (which is perfectly fine), graphics created by the author and/or their team (e.g. graphic teasers, "Coming Soon", "Currently Listening", etc.) or something that you may have created (please be careful with copyrighted images!). If you don't have a picture/graphic, some platforms allow gifs or if you're sharing a link, the post will showcase an image from that link. 

Once you have that figured out it now becomes about what to say/verbiage used. 
It's important when discussing books... to not give away any spoilers. Fellow book lovers want to hear your excitement about the story, the characters and what drew you into the story. As audiobooks have an additional aspect to them, its not just the author. Please make sure that when you post about the book you loved that you tag both the author and the narrator. 
If the author(s) and/or narrator(s) do not have social media accounts on the platform you are posting , hashtag their name(s). 

Speaking of hashtags, there are a few that are great to use especially in June, aka Audiobook Month. Checkout the list of hashtags you can use in your social media to help get the word out. 


Many believe that reviews need to long and touch on every aspect of the story. They can also some times get you stuck! Where do you begin? Below are some prompts that will help you write your reviews! 

Do we include a review of the narrator? 

Yes! When you listen to the audiobook, you're reviewing multiple parts including the over all story. Similar to the prompts above for a general review, we've provided you some great question prompts to help guide you in your review writing journey. 

I hope that all this helps and follow us for more tips & tricks. Don't forget to enter the giveaway! 

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