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Sunday, June 2, 2019

Audiobook Lovin 2019 Presents: Audiobooks Everywhere!

Welcome to Audiobook Lovin!

After five years of Audiobook Loivn' my love of audiobooks continues to grow and I hope you enjoy this year's event!! 

In the five years of Audiobook Lovin, the audiobook industry has...well basically exploded! In a good way!! More and more authors are discovering the importance of having their titles available in audio! 

Where to purchase audiobooks? 
Below are some of the more popular and liked vendors. 

All of the above listed either provide audiobooks for purchase individually or you can purchase a monthly subscription.

I don't know about you, but I listen to more than one audiobook a month...  

So what's this Bibliophile girl to do? 

 THANKFULLY there's a wonderful and magical place called

In this magical place you can borrow the books for FREE! Yes, that magic word too! FREE! This is where it gets better... they have them in different formats  - paperback, ebooks and audiobooks!! 

I know some of you may be thinking "Jeez Viv, a bit much on the sarcasm." or my favorite "No, duh!? Really?!" Here's the thing, many people tend to forget that there is a library and that they do provide the advance technology of not only ebooks but audiobooks as well. I've seen people post in various groups inquiring about where to get "cheap" audiobooks or mentioning the cost of audiobooks. Thankfully, more and more people have replied to their comments with LIBRARY! :) 

Before anyone starts with the "Oh, but my library is SMALL." or the "I live in a rural..." mentality, we live in a GLOBAL world where many of the libraries are reducing physical inventory but working with neighboring (and at times, larger cities) areas to enhance their electronic inventory! Many libraries now have "non residential" options! You can pay a small fee (usually a yearly fee) and you will get access to their library catalog! Now, the fee may be up to $50, however, that is still less than you'd pay for a year's subscription with Audible AND you will be able to listen to more than one book a month. 

Libraries are working with third party vendors like OverdriveRBdigital, and Hoopla Digital to bring you the awesomeness that are audiobooks!! 

Lets start with RBdigital which is owned and operated by Recorded Books Publishing. 

The cool thing about RBdigital? They have their mobile app available for iPad®, 
iPhone®, Android™, and Kindle Fire™!  Learn more via this video or by visiting their website.

Overdrive is another great provider that lends eBooks, audiobooks, music and video! 

Overdrive works with every major Device!
With Kindle® compatibility (U.S. only), apps for every major platform and OverDrive Read, your digital library service is compatible with every major device on the market. Visit the website for more information! 

HooplaDigital is actually one of my favorites and I use it
Instantly borrow free ebooks, audiobooks, digital movies, music, and more, 24/7 with your library card.

These are just THREE resources that many libraries have that allow its patrons to listen to audiobooks. I hope that you go and find out what your local library has to offer and SIGN UP!!! Remember it's FREE!!! You can't beat that AWESOME deal!!! :)  

Tell me what you love best about your library!

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  1. I love my local library for providing access to both e-books and e-audio books.