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Monday, July 30, 2018

Summer Reader Appreciation Giveaway 2018

Hello Readers!!!

We are so excited to announce the Summer Reader Appreciation Giveaway
 It will be an honor to host this event and showcase so many great authors. 
The best part is that our amazing fellow readers and supporters will have the opportunity to win. 

The grand prize this year will be a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

Click on the Link below to Enter


Amber’s Passion for Books, Got Fiction, Enchantress of Books and RA have an amazing line up of books from some of our favorite authors for this event.

Make sure to check back daily for the giveaway links.

July 30th    
August 2nd 
August 3rd  
August 7th   
August 9th

A special THANK YOU to the wonderful authors 
who helped sponsor the event. 


  1. So many good books coming out!

  2. Everyone should read anything by Dannika Dark! Her books are awesome :)

  3. I find it severely hard to choose books to read. There's always so many choices! As far as your participating authors go though I need to get back to Dannika Dark's Seven series so you should put her next Crossbreed release on your list. :) I haven't started the series but I have KEYSTONE.