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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Voices on the Road Audiobook Blog Tour & Giveaway

I was thrilled and honored to be part of the Voices on the Road Blog Tour and Giveaway organized by Audiobook Publishers Association!

Whether you're traveling to work, going on a road trip or flying out for the upcoming holidays and/or vacation, audiobooks are perfect for you to take along for the ride! They are the perfect companion for long or short trips. I love them because not only can I multitask but they can bring a book to life!

So many audiobooks, so little time, right? I thought I'd share with you my top 5 Awesome Audiobooks/Narrators for you to take along on your next travels!

Narrator: Nicole Poole

There isn't an audiobook that Nicole has narrated that I haven't loved/liked! However, my favorite are all the Dannika Dark's books!! There are currently three series of which two are complete: The Mageri Series, The Seven Series and The Crossbreed Series. My suggestion is that you start with The Mageri Series.

Nicole has a HUGE range when it comes to voices and tones. She is also great with accents! Nicole has a true gift to evoke emotions when you're listening. When you have a narrator that not only provides each character with their own voices and tones, but you end up forgetting that the full cast is performed by only one person, THAT is the definition of being an awesome narrator. Bonus when they do the guy voice and end up crushing on them because of the male voice (Hello Simon and Christian)!

The Mageri Series

The Seven Series

The Crossbreed Series

Available for purchase at Amazon | Audible

Available for purchase at Amazon | Audible

Available for purchase at Amazon | Audible

Lorelei King (Narrator)

I was first introduced to Lorelei via the Charley Davidson Series by Darynda Jones. This series is a great mix of comedy, romance, paranormal and suspense. Charley is a private investigator who sees ghosts and happens to be the grim reaper. She also likes margaritas, is sarcastic, has a wicked sense of humor and an affinity for naming inanimate objects (i.e. her Jeep is "Misery"). Oh the adventures Charley goes on! I can't forget about Reyes! Actually, I'm going to let you discover Reyes!!

I love Lorelei's ability to bring each of the characters to life. Whether she's voicing Charlie, her BFF Cookie, Angel Garza who died when he was 12 and helps Charlie out with her investigations,  or Blue Bell, a five year old who can be quite scary, Lorelei becomes each of the characters. Her performance is on point!

Available for purchase at Amazon | Audible

The Charley Davidson Series

Sebastian York (Narrator)
Ahhh the mysterious, sexy voice that is Sebastian York! Listeners LOVE him! Women swoon! I mean there is a freaking meme about his voice.....

Aside from the "sexy" voice, he is able to bring a light heartedness when there are funny moments and he does great kid voices. Adorable!!! One of the things I love about Sebastian is his ability to be a complete Dom Alpha in one book and then a sexy hero in a Romantic Comedy in the next!

Speaking of romantic comedies... you must check out Full Package by Lauren Blakely! Written in the male POV, this story has comedy, romance, sexy scenes and is just PERFECT for a road trip. WARNING, there is a hilarious scene in a home goods store! LOVE IT!!

Available for purchase at Amazon | Audible

Tillie Hooper (Narrator)

What do you get when you have an excellent story and pair it with a fabulous narrator? An AMAZING series that is PERFECT for... whenever!! Enter Kristen Ashley's Fantasyland Series and Tillie Hooper, the narrator! Kristen's stories are filled with big personalities and Tillie DELIVERS!! Below is a audio sample of The Golden Dynasty as it truly showcases Tillie's ability to bring a story to life!

Purchase at Amazon Audible 

Jennifer Ikeda (Narrator)

The All Souls trilogy by Deborah Harkness is a beautifully written story filled with intriguing characters and locations that make you want to book your flight!  A Discovery of Witches is the first book in the series and you will fall in love with both the story and Jennifer's performance! With over the top characters and several different accents, Jennifer nails them all!

Purchase at Amazon | Audible

Okay, okay, I know I'm supposed to share 5 awesome audiobooks/narrators, but I HAVE to share this recent listen!! The author was new to me. I love Zackary Webber and this would be the second listen from Muffy Newtown are the narrators! Check out Mercy by Debra Anastasia. There is so much more to the story and characters than the blurb provides. There is a lot of emotions from both the hero and heroine and both Zackary and Muffy bring those emotions to the forefront.

Zackary can perform one hell of a sexy Alpha Male. Yet, he also brings a vulnerability to the characters that makes you fall for them. Muffy's range is great and her "guy voice" YUM! Pair these two up and the story comes to life!

Purchase at Amazon | Audible

I hope you have added all these fabulous books, authors and narrators to your TO BE READ LIST and enjoy your time listening! I #LoveAudiobooks and will continue to RAVE about them!! If you're interested in learning about more awesome audiobooks and narrators visit the Audiobook Lovin page (on top)! Audiobook Lovin is a month long series in June (aka Audiobook Month) celebrating audiobooks and those that create them! 



  1. I really like Rebecca Soler's narration. Listening to the Lunar Chronicles is what got me hooked on audiobooks. For male narrators I love Dominic Hoffman and Santino Fontana.

  2. I have purchased audio books because of the narrator! Nicole Poole is the best!

  3. I enjoyed the samples. I've listened to most of the Charley Davidson books and most of Dannika Dark The Seven series. I don't really have one particular favorite. Some of my favorites are Nicole Poole, Lorelei King, Kirsten Potter, Holter Graham, Renee Raudman, and Angela Dawe, and Davina Porter.