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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Audiobook Lovin 2017 Presents: We said we'd listen to anything.......

When we say we'd listen to ANYTHING from our favorite narrators, we tend to mean that we'll auto buy the book regardless of genre or author. This is a wonderful thing as it leads to discovering new authors as well as genres we never thought we'd like or want to read. Then again, I know many have said (including me) that they'd hand over the yellow pages to "insert your favorite narrator here" so we can listen to them and their voice. Well, last year, Audible took us, the loyal and audiobook loving audience at our word! They created the "Excerpts from The Encyclopaedia Britannica: A Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, Literature and General Information, Eleventh Edition" with some of our favorite, "Must Listen To" narrators. Oh I'm sure Audible Studios had a BLAST with this! Go grab your copy at Audible, it's free! Worth the listen because the narrators, all true professionals, ROCKED IT!!! Listen to the two samples below and lets reconnect in a few...  

Excerpts from The Encyclopaedia Britannica: A Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, Literature and General Information, Eleventh Edition
Written by: Various
Narrated by: full cast

Length: 13 mins

Prepare yourself for the ultimate multicast performance. We've gathered many of Audible's most popular narrators to bring to life some of the most extraordinary words ever written. 19 words, in fact, carefully selected and arranged alphabetically as in their original source: the 11th edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica. We created this enlightening journey from AUDIENCE to LITERATURE because you asked for it. You said you could listen to your favorite narrators read the phone book, bookcase assembly instructions, or a restaurant menu. With this production we've proven that a truly talented narrator can, in fact, take any work and make it extraordinary. Enjoy!

The full list of narrators includes:

Nick Podehl - AUDIENCE
Kaleo Griffith - BLACKMAIL
Katherine Kellgren - BLUNDERBUSS
Kevin Pariseau - CHAOS
Tom Stechschulte - CHAPERON
Sebastian York - CHEESE
Cassandra Campbell - CHIC
Victor Bevine - COB
Eric Michael Summerer - DECOY
John Lee - ELIXIR
Sophie Eastlake - ENTHUSIASM
Therese Plummer - EPHEBEUM
Zachary Webber - EPISTAXIS
Peter Ganim - GERBIL
Luke Daniels - IMAGINATION
Scott Brick - JEALOUSY
Gregory Salinas - LITERATURE

Please Note: This recording of the Encyclopaedia Britannica was Audible's 2016 April Fool's Joke.

Available for purchase at 


Okay, you're back! The are just TWO of the 19 words the wonderful narrators recorded! I mean, we have Sebastian York, known for his "sexy", "seductive", and yes a dash of the 'cocky, you know you want me" voice is narrating about CHEESE! LOL LOVE IT! But, the fact that we can listen to "Cheese" over and over is a true testament to his talents.

I do want to do a shout to Luke Daniels for his contribution for this collection. He took it a step further and displayed his talents as a narrator! I won't spoil it for you, but click on buy and listen. You'll smile when you get to Luke's part!

Maybe you're wondering why I'm sharing this with you... Yes, this was an "April Fools" joke (love you Audible! Wishing you did something like this yearly and swapping narrators because it rocked), this isn't the FULL collection of the The Encyclopaedia Britannica (wouldn't have worked if it was, sorry to be a debbie downer - not) and its not an actual book. Here's the thing... its FREAKING FUNNY! The fact is that as the opening says and I have as well, we, the listener WILL listen to our favorite narrators read the darn Encyclopaedia if it was a true option. We'd have it handy to listen for when we need a 'pick-me-up" or are stressed and just need a smooth voice to listen to and basically, these narrators ROCK!

Now we want to hear from you... What you'd listen to from your favorite narrator (i.e. yellow pages, dictionary, newspaper, etc.)? 

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  1. Ha! I love it! I would listen to medical apparatus instructions if narrated by my favorite narrators - Stefan Rudnicki, Ann Flosnik, Jeffrey Kafer, and more.

  2. This just proves that I WILL listen to anything narrated by my favorite narrators. �� Thanks for reminding me this exists. I completely forgot it was in my library, but these are great!

  3. This was amazing! LOL
    I think I'd listen to anything political- Ok, maybe not anything but MOSTLY anything ;)