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Friday, June 30, 2017

Audiobook Lovin 2017 Presents: Noah Michael Levine Guest Post

Hi Everyone! 
So excited to have with us today Narrator Noah Michael Levine! 

That was AWESOME!!! I just love how he said my name... .and he knew it too! Hahahahah
Below are some audio clips from the books Noah has narrated. Once you've checked them out, keep scrolling.... trust me..... you'll want to see what's next!! 

Audio Clips

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I learned that there were some funny, share worthy outtakes of two of the books that Noah has co-narrated with the awesome Erin deWard. Found them here they are! Oh.... They are NOT, I repeat... NSFW!
Listen and then keep scrolling.... more fun down below! 

About The Narrator

Noah Michael Levine is an Audie Award-Winning narrator, audiobook producer and author.  He has over 225 titles available on Audible – spanning a wide variety of genre’s from history, psychology, science and philosophy to thrillers, comedies, fantasies and lots and lots of romance and erotica.  His first book, The Audiobook Book, co-authored with Renea Mason and Erin deWard was released in January and he is working on his first novel (praying he can actually, someday finish it!)  When not devoting his time to audiobooks and books, he adores his town of Nyack, spending time in the kitchen creating new ways to tantalize taste buds and training his cat, Max, to be more like a cat and less like a … well, no one is quite sure what he REALLY is.  But he’s wicked cute.

You can find Noah at

Now, go visit Kelly!!!

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