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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Welcome Nina to the Enchantress of Books Review Team

Squeeeeeeeee! I'm so excited and happy to welcome my friend and fellow book lover Nina as a Guest Reviewer to Enchantress of Books!! We met 3 years ago, we recently had our official FB Friend Anniversary (lol, gatta love those posts, right?) and it just keeps getting better and better. Not only are we kindred spirits, but we really do work well together! We've worked on various projects together that she has lead supporting authors she loves and it's not only been fun, but she has trusted me in her endeavors!

In one of our many "omg have you read..." types of conversations Nina mentioned how she would love to review but didn't have the capacity (mainly time) to maintain a blog and that's when I let her know that I was looking for Guest Reviewers! There are several different factors that are extremely important for a blog owner when taking on a Guest Reviewer and Nina meets every single one of them!

Here is a little bit about Nina...
Born in Brazil, currently residing in VA

Aside from books and a passion for discovering new authors, she enjoys watching MMA (mixed martial arts) and Genre wise, she tend to be a "when the mood strikes"...
She is also a loyal friend who will be there for you!
She has a wicked sense of humor and is the sweetest person ever! 

You can read her full bio in the Guest Reviewer page located within the Information Tab!

Please help me welcome Nina to the team! 

1 comment:

  1. I am so incredibly humbled and grateful for the invitation to become a Guest Reviewer here.
    This site has been one of my favorites even before Viv & I got to know each other, and not even in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I would be granted this amazing opportunity.
    Viv - Thank you SO MUCH for all you do, and for hosting me in your superb & enchanting site.
    With much admiration and appreciation,
    <3 Nina