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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Guest Post & Giveaway: Redemption Road by Katie Ashley

Hi Katie! Welcome to Enchantress of Books!!! I'm excited to have you here with us today sharing your dream casting for the Vicious Cycle Series!

Thank you Viviana! Glad to be here! 

Nathaniel “Reverend” Malloy: While he’s taller and more built, I really see a lot of Rev in Jared Leto. There’s a scene where he’s been on the road for a while, and his hair is long and his beard unkempt. He has Jared’s soulful blue eyes as well.

Annabel Percy: She’s a very innocent and delicate, upper-class gal with auburn hair, which sadly is the great allure for the men who abduct her. To me, I see a bit of Deborah Ann Woll from True Blood.

David “Deacon” Malloy has dark hair and blue eyes. He is tall and built, and most often, he sports a beard. I see him as international actor, Michel Brown.


Alexandra Evans is dark-haired and dark-eyed. Before she was a kindergarten teacher, she was a ballerina. She is petite and slight of stature. I see her as Ashley Greene. Her appearance reminds Willow of “Angel Mommy”, the doll she keeps with her at all times.


Willow Malloy is a female mini-me of her father, Deacon, with her dark hair and striking blue eyes. Because of what she has experienced in life, she acts years ahead of other children her age. Her greatest desire is to become a ballerina.

While Benjamin “Bishop” Malloy, shares his brother, Rev’s, blue eyes, he has dirty blond hair. He is shorter and stockier. He uses his ripped, muscular frame in his side career as an amateur boxer. I see him as model Drew Ater


When Bishop first lays eyes on Samantha “Sam” Vargas, he describes her as exotic. She inherited her looks from her Cuban father. She alters her appearance to better fit in as a prospective old lady when her job as an ATF agent takes her undercover with the Raiders.


Thank you so much Katie for hanging out with us today and sharing your dream casting for the Vicious Cycle Series! What do you guys think? Is this how you envisioned the characters? 

Learn more about Katie's latest release REDEMPTION ROAD, where you find Katie and don't forget to enter the giveaway below! 

Disclaimer/Note: images are for 'inspirational' purpose only and provided by author. Viviana, Enchantress of Books holds no copyright to images. 

Redemption Road 
(Vicious Cycle Series, Bk  #2)
by Katie Ashley

The New York Times bestselling author of Vicious Cycle plunges readers into a world of danger and desire in her newest in the Vicious Cycle motorcycle club romance series.

Looking for a walk on the wild side, Annabel Percy, the daughter of a powerful politician, starts dating a biker she knows is completely wrong for her. But she finds herself living a nightmare when she’s kidnapped and transported into a hell on earth she never could have imagined.

Born and bred into the Hells Raiders MC, Nathaniel “Reverend” Malloy lives and dies for his brothers. But when he becomes the unexpected savior of a rival club’s captive, Rev makes it his personal mission to nurse Annabel back to health—and to shelter her from the nightmares that torment her.

Once Annabel heals, she’s stunned to realize she is falling for the seductive man who saved her. Faced with their impossible attraction, can she accept the life he leads, or will Rev walk away from the only life he’s ever known for the woman he was never supposed to love?

Available for purchase at 


About The Author

Katie Ashley is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of The Proposition Series, Runaway Train series, and several New Adult and Young Adult titles. She spent the last eleven years teaching both middle and high school English, but is now a full-time writer and currently lives outside of Atlanta.

You can find Katie at 



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