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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Book Review: The Duke and The Domina : Warrick The Ruination of Grayson Danforth by Jenn LeBlanc

The Duke and The Domina : Warrick The Ruination of Grayson Danforth 
(Lords of Time Series, Bk #2)
by Jenn LeBlanc

Grayson Locke Danforth, in his wildest of dreams, would never have expected two things.

The first was to be recalled from India by Queen Victoria where he worked for the quiet purposes of the crown. He must now become the Duke of Warrick after the tragic deaths of his father and brothers. However, tragedy is entirely in the eyes of the beholder and Grayson never wanted the title, or to return to what remains of his family. Grayson wanted to remain invisible, an outcast, a man in exile for the way his body and mind behaved and the secrets he needed to keep.

The second thing he never would have expected was to be forced into marriage with a woman from the 21st century.

Lulu is no mere woman, however, she's a switch who works as professional Dominatrix—at least, she did. When she wakes up in a strange house, a strange world, a strange body, she isn't quite sure what to think and is certain she's dreaming. She has less than a day to gain her bearings a make a decision that will dictate the rest of her life in this world—whether or not to marry this handsome stranger.

As Lulu and Grayson attempt to begin a life together she discovers the true reason why this man is a stranger to his family. She can only hope she can convince Grayson to accept who she is, and who he was born to be, before he forces her out of his life in order to maintain his well-kept secrets.

Trust doesn't come easily to either of them, but it's the only thing they have.

Grayson will have to give in to his need to submit in order to get his wife to open up and allow him to posses her fully in return.

It's a cautious dance between two people who have never known how to trust, or love.

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Viviana's Review:

This was the first book by Ms. LeBlanc that I've read.  While I liked it, I didn't love it.  Then, while I said I liked it, there were also parts that I skimmed over.  I've been thinking as to the “why”... maybe because this is part of a series, and this is the first book I've read from it?  (Then again many have said this could be read while reading the previous books…)  Perhaps it was all the hype…  Or maybe the time traveling…

No to all.  I've read several books that have been part of a series that have said that they could also be read as standalone, and it wasn't an issue.  So long as the author does a good job in telling the reader who everyone is and where the story is at without boring those that have read the series.  As for the time traveling… not an issue either. I've read books in that genre before and loved a few and liked many! 

What I figured out was that while this book is supposed to be about time travel, that isn't really the case or premises for the book. Usually, with time travel stories, the character has to face and deal with issues involving the time traveling (having to deal with the new time and environment, being discovered or mistaken for crazy, etc.) and how the individual copes with all this. In this case, everyone was more concerned with him being found out. She acclimates rather well, rather, a bit too well. Things fit too perfectly.

The main issue tends to be more about his secret desire than her time traveling. Granted, it seems they are a perfect match because she's from the future and is better adjusted and has the knowledge to provide him with what he needs and desires, however, this would have been a MUCH BETTER story if the time traveling would have been a bigger factor or an more equal factor.

Oh and for an "erotica" the sex scenes were not all that erotic. I mean, on a positive note, the sex scenes were not "fillers" but I did feel that the heroine was way too sex driven at first and she was getting to be quiet annoying. All she wanted to do was get in his pants. Then all of a sudden, she craved conversation or to be next to him... uhm.. it was just a weird turn of events. It felt like at first the author was trying to drive the "OH LOOK this IS an erotica because the heroine WANTS the sex and oh yeah, this is empowering her as well!" and it just didn't work out that way.

The author is also a photographer that does beautiful work! The heroine in this story also happens to be a photographer. There was a LOT of talk about the photography session for the illustrated book for this story and the images were gorgeous. They truly were... just wish it translated more to the story.

With all this said... It was an okay story. Made me curious about the rest of the books but not enough to grab them and devour them or bump them up to the top of my TBR Mountain. In fact, one of the other books just became FREE and I 'One-Click' it. When I'll read it... not sure, but I'll get to it.

Rating: 2 Stars - It was Okay

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author, Jenn LeBlanc via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This review is my own opinion and not a paid review.

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