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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Book Review: Madness by J.L. Vallance

By J.L. Vallance


I never wanted to fall in love.

I lived a life tainted by mental illness and the stigma that came with it. That illness almost claimed my life once and I had a promise to keep¬¬, a promise that I would live, no matter how much it hurt. All I craved in life was marginal happiness, a little success, and an unfractured mind. I longed for the normalcy that the rest of the world thrived on while fearing the intimacy that could snap the thin thread with which I held onto sanity.

I may not have had it all, but I was close...until he crashed into my world.

He turned everything upside down and shifted the scales of my balanced world. He was charming and charismatic with a healthy dash of trouble and volatility rolled in. He was completely and perfectly damaged. I tumbled hard and fast.

I fell in love with Rory O’Neill and our world was little more than madness....and it was fucking beautiful. 

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Candie's Review: 

I can't even say how much I loved this book. I read it in one sitting! Frankie is one bad-ass chick! I aspire to be more like her when I grow up. ;-) There are such relate-able characters and a very yummy bad boy to swoon over. I will warn you though; this is NOT a sweet fairy-tale love story, but a messy complicated one that depicts real life more than fiction. Kudos to the author for taking the subject-matter to heart, displaying how ugly addiction can be, life altering depression can be, and that there can be hope found in this messed up world.

Rating: 5 Stars - Perfection

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  1. I'm a fan of dark, messy, complicated love stories =) I'll have to check this out. Glad you loved it!