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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Author Interview and Giveaway: Faith of the Highlander by Sky Purington

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Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself?

First published in 2007, I’ve since written seventeen stories. With an absolute love for time travel romance, nearly all of my work has taken the reader between modern day New England and the distant past. Though a few books have brought readers back to medieval England, Ireland and even ancient Italy, most travel back to the MacLomain and Broun clans in medieval Scotland.

Tell us about “Faith of the Highlander”. 

Book four in The Next Generation of MacLomains, Faith of the Highlander is a tale that brings together two characters who have led difficult lives. Like the previous couples in this series, Grant and Sheila are destined for one another according to the stone in her Claddagh ring and his magically enhanced tattoo. Together as they work further toward defeating Keir Hamilton, their journey becomes one of healing and even forgiveness.

What was the hardest thing about writing “Faith of the Highlander”?

Helping the hero and heroine overcome the mental abuse suffered previously. Imprisoned by Keir Hamilton for more than half his life, Grant MacLomain must push past the darkness his master inflicted on him. Sheila, meanwhile, recently left a seven year relationship in which her mind was often manipulated. Though I knew neither character would want their love story to be depressing, it was important to tackle their issues and character growth with both respect and patience. Yet they surprised me and while my heart certainly ached for them, they proved remarkably resilient. But I suspect that was because they had one another to lean on.

Where do you find your inspiration for “Faith of the Highlander”? 

The inspiration for this particular novel came the moment I realized that Grant MacLomain was alive. His clan thought him long dead so when he first appeared in book two, Vow of the Highlander, I saw a complex character ripe for the taking. Sheila has been in every book in this series and while many might’ve thought she would end up with Malcolm, her true destiny was with his brother, Grant. Let’s just say a little ‘muse’ made sure that happened. ;-)

Tell us about the hero and heroine? 

As you know, Grant MacLomain has been imprisoned by the Hamilton clan for fourteen years. Second born son to William and Coira MacLomain, he grew up into every inch the strapping Highlander. Six foot seven, well-muscled, with pale blue-gray eyes, he’s the perfect masculine counterpart to dainty, auburn haired, Sheila. Determined to free all those Keir enslaved over the years, warriors and whores alike, Grant proves to have a compassionate nature despite his own harsh upbringing. Sheila, modern day woman, is strong enough to leave an abusive ex-boyfriend and finds renewed strength and a chance to heal in medieval Scotland.

What is it about this genre that you enjoy so much as a reader? And as a writer, what about this genre made you want to write it in the first place? 

I love the challenge of plunking modern day characters into times long gone. Rather than writing strictly historical romance, time travel gives me the option to see it from a much different perspective. It’s always a challenge making sure I stay in character (whether it’s dialogue, actions or even internalization). What made me want to write this genre to begin with? A visit to the New Hampshire Scottish Highland Games in 2004. I swear it felt like I stepped back in time. My imagination went wild and I started writing the first book in The MacLomain Series that December. The rest is history!

What do you want readers to take away from reading ‘Faith of the Highlander”?

It’s actually a very simple message in this one. Life can oftentimes be difficult but there is always hope. Never give up faith. If you’re in a dark place, seek help, lean on others. Whatever else happens, know that you’re not alone.

What is next in the The MacLomain Series: Next Generation Series?

The next and final in The MacLomain Series: Next Generation is Torra’s story, Plight of the Highlander. Like Grant’s, her journey is just as difficult if not more so. Here’s part of the blurb. A portion has been left out so as to not give away something newly discovered in Faith of the Highlander…

With the dragon blood of her Viking ancestors coursing through her veins, Torra MacLomain has long tried to keep her Scottish clan safe. But a ruthless enemy has been watching…waiting. As Keir Hamilton launches his plan to possess her, many secrets come to light including her passion for a certain highlander.

In a castle siege unlike any other, the modern day Brouns and medieval MacLomains join together in a final stand-off against their ruthless enemy. Battles rage. Mysteries are revealed. Freedom is found. But most importantly, a love long repressed at last rises up determined to conquer all in Plight of the Highlander.

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Faith of the Highlander
(The MacLomain Series: Next Generation, bk #4)
By Sky Purington

Like her cousins, Sheila wears a Claddagh ring meant to connect her Broun lineage with the MacLomain clan. Already having witnessed the strife ravaging the medieval Scottish highlands she’s eager to once more be thrust back in time…even if it’s into the arms of the enemy.

Imprisoned fourteen winters and now first-in-command of the enemy’s army, Grant MacLomain must find a way to save all those he cares for. Though under the watchful eye of his master and chieftain, Keir Hamilton, he unleashes his plan the moment he connects with a lass from the future.

Through hardship, forgiveness and even acceptance, Grant and Sheila struggle to push past their abused hearts and the war that divides them in, Faith of the Highlander.

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Sheila started to tremble when he broke free from the last of whatever or whoever had imprisoned him. A shiver raced through her and she knew.

Grant had just broken free from Keir Hamilton’s mental hold over him.

He tore off his tunic and whipped it aside. With nothing but the Hamilton’s plaid hung low on his waist, he was an impressive sight. Legs braced, arms by his side, fists clenched, he closed his eyes. Cast in the soft, flickering glow of a single sputtering torch, sweat slicked muscles rippled down his long warrior’s body. Was he praying? Long moments passed. Every one of them a lifetime as her heart thundered. Then, as if replacing one swift divine moment with another, his eyes snapped open and met hers.

It felt like a freight train hit her.

“Och, my wee geal,” he whispered.

Wee what?

Sheila made to speak but the words died on her lips when in two swift strides, he pulled her into his arms. The word ‘wee’ seemed a massive understatement when up against him. Though she was fairly tall at five foot seven, he had to be a foot taller. Lord, she felt tiny! What had been but a tremble became a harsh fiery heat that whiplashed through her body. Emotional state and sensory awareness in overdrive, she put her hands against his hard chest.

“Oh, I shouldn’t have done that,” she murmured. But she didn’t pull her hands away.

No, if anything, she pressed tighter and curled her fingers slightly. It was one thing to meet a man in your mind, another thing entirely to feel him pressed up against your body. When he tilted up her chin, her eyes slid shut. Why, she’d never know. She supposed somewhere deep inside she wasn’t ready to look too closely into his eyes.

But why?

Perhaps she was afraid of what she’d see there. Perhaps though he seemed so strong she’d see years of mental abuse flicker in his gaze. Mental abuse inflicted by Keir being twisted within his mind for so long. The very idea of it made her sick to her stomach.

But none of that mattered when she felt his warm breath whisper over her lips. Close, so very close. She could all but feel his mouth hovering over hers. Time slowed as her lips fell open. Sensation heightened. A slow burn covered her cheeks. An ever so slight throbbing began first on the sides of her neck as emotion welled. Her heart pounded so strongly that her lips pulsed, ready for the pressure, the weight of his mouth against hers.

About The Author

Sky Purington is the best-selling author of nine novels and several novellas. A New Englander born and bred, Sky was raised hearing stories of folklore, myth and legend. When combined with a love for nature, romance and time-travel, elements from the stories of her youth found release in her books. 

Purington loves to hear from readers and can be contacted at Sky@SkyPurington.com. 

Interested in keeping up with Sky's latest news and releases? 

Visit Sky's website, http://www.skypurington.com  to download her free App on iTunes and Android or sign up for her quarterly newsletter.

You can find Sky at 




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