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Monday, April 29, 2013

Guest Post & Giveaway: Fatal Intent by Ryshia Kennie

I'd like to welcome Ryshia Kennie to Viviana, Enchantress of Books
We're very happy to have you with us today!

In Fatal Intent, the sexual tension between Garrett and Aidan begins as soon as they meet.  Aidan is immediately attracted to Garrett.  She is an unexpected element in the jungle – female and in charge of a group of men who are weak in their own ways.  While Garrett, appears, even in crisis, to be an attractive, confident woman.  But it is her struggle to control the situation and her in the face anger at him that draw him, creating a battle of “can’t have” versus “I want”.  

            Her perfume was making him pay attention to things he had no right to notice. How she curved in all the right places, softly, subtly, nothing overblown, nothing too much or too little.  How she’d fit perfectly beneath his arm, how . . .
            “How much longer?” she murmured, her voice for him alone, and that was almost more seduction than he could bear, especially with that damn perfume. Tantalizing, soft, sexy wafts with every breath. Why the hell was she wearing perfume?
            “You’re wearing perfume,” he gritted. Idiot, why had he said that?
            “Perfume? Don’t be utterly ridiculous!”
            Damn, could this get any worse?

He immediately fights the reaction of his body pitting it in an ongoing argument with his logical self and this battle increases the tension.  We see that he wants Garrett and we also see all the reasons he can’t have Garrett.   The sexual tension is heightening and they’re both aware of it and both dancing around it for their own reasons.

            He was the first man in a long time who made her think about things she would rather not. Against all logic, she would like nothing better than to haul him into the jungle and have her way with him.  Stroke that sun-gilded skin until he moaned his surrender, taste the silky maleness of him . . .
            They were ridiculous thoughts, as out of place as everything else that had happened in the last twenty-four hours.  And that realization only added to the feel of a walking dream as she found herself drifting down the steps until she stood at the edge of the river.
            “Sleep well?” The disembodied voice came from a stand of brush.
            It was as if her thoughts had conjured him. “What are you doing here?”
            “I live here.” Aidan grinned.
            “I don’t suppose I can get a good cup of coffee?” Yeah, that was classic, Garrett, ask for coffee in the jungle. Good move.

At first Garrett uses anger as a defense against an attraction she doesn’t expect and one of course that deters her from her goal that is already way off track.  But soon, anger isn’t enough – the attraction starts to come to the forefront.

It becomes a dance between the two as the heat builds through a game of attack and retreat, barbs and innuendos.  It’s the desire and the wanting that adds sexual tension. 

Every story is different as far as how much sexual tension exists between the lead characters.  Sexual tension almost always builds through a cat and mouse style game that plays with desire.  But what transpires out of those growing desires and how fulfillment is attained or not attained or attained and taken away, is a combination of so many things, the personality of the hero and heroine, the circumstances, their cultural background, the setting and even the timeframe of the story.  But always, the characters lead off – they have to, it’s their story. 

In a book to be released this summer, a suspense set in Cambodia, there is an intense connection between the hero and heroine from the beginning and the story sprawls over enough time to allow for a deep and layered sexual tension and all sorts of reasons why this cannot be.   But he is aware of her in ways that are almost intuitive and the passion – well it get’s pretty hot under a tropical sun.

Fatal Intent 
By Ryshia Kennie

An expedition into the Borneo rain forest is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for entomologist Garrett Cole. It’s this trip that could finally make her a star in her field. But when her team’s guide is found dead and headless on the banks of the river, Garrett’s dream trek suddenly becomes a nightmare. Lost in the heart of the jungle, she must fight to maintain her composure while leading a panicked team of scientists to safety.

When sexy and rugged Aidan arrives in the jungle looking as if he belongs, Garrett has no choice but to accept his help. But Aidan is more than she bargained for—a man of few words and fewer answers, as comfortable in the jungle as the mysterious native tribesmen. And as the days pass and passion flares between them, Garrett wonders if Aiden’s good intentions are just another of the jungle’s illusions.

In a land rife with predators and a killer still on the loose, can she trust the one man who claims to be their rescuer?

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About the Author

Ryshia Kennie is the author of two published romances.  From the Dust, is a romance set during the Great Depression.  Her second book, Ring of Desire, was set against a backdrop of magic and mystery, in medieval England.  An award winning author, her recent novels now focus on  suspense and women’s fiction – always with a hint or even a dollop, of romance. The Canadian prairies are home where she lives with her husband and one opinionated Irish Terrier.  

At each stop, Ryshia will award one commenter an ebook copy of From the Dust, a historical romance set in Depression Era Saskatchewan. 
The grand prize for the tour will be an autographed copy of From the Dust, a book unique bookmark, and a Region 1 DVD of East of Borneo, a 1931 B&W movie -- this giveaway is open internationally.