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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Book Review: Bayou Legend by Janet Breakfield

Bayou Legend
By Janet Breakfield

Passion, Voodoo and Curses abound in this thrilling, supernatural story of life in the swamps and bayous of South Louisiana.

The responsibility of being the newest "Treater" rest soley on Emily's shoulders. She has never loved a man until she reunites with her childhood friend, Tanner Guidry. Little does she know that she is his salvation made flesh.

The curse of "Loup Garou" is like a second skin attached to Tanner thanks to Ursulla, the wicked VooDoo witch that cursed his family when she couldn't have his Grandfather years earlier. Now all of the men in Tanner's family carry the curse.
Will Emily's love and magic be enough to save Tanner from the curse and the Witch that wants to destroy him? Will Ursulla's secret be revealed as she tries to destroy Tanner and Emily? Or will her love spell using Tristan to seduce Emily be enough temptation to tear them apart?

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Paul's Review:

I love it when an author grabs you by the head, pulls you into his/her story, and does not let go.  This has been my experience with Janet Breakfield’s "Bayou Legend".  I am an Italian-American man from the Northeast (specifically Connecticut); however, Janet Breakfield’s ease in enabling me to relate to her main character Emily, a young Cajun woman, was impressive: Emily and I both love our grandparents dearly, we both have something from them that we cherish, and we both endeavor to spend as much time as possible with them as we can.
Another thing I like about this book is that the story really flows.  We meet the tomboyish Emily and her ‘Gran’ (grandmother) - also named Emily - Cajuns living on the Bayou; Emily’s ‘Gran’ is the town healer and psychic, and we learn that Emily will inherit her ‘Gran’s psychic and healer abilities once she turns 18.  Emily’s destiny is tied to ‘T-tan’, a cursed Cajun whom she finds obnoxious throughout their childhood, not realizing that his fate and heart will be hers one day soon – if she and her Gran can prevent an unthinkable evil from happening.

I thought the characters were well developed, generally speaking, and Emily was a strong heroine who was sure of herself and who she was.  The good characters – Emily, ‘Gran’, and ‘T-tan’ were immediately likable  and I found myself having a lot of respect for them through the story given their honesty, work ethic, and decency.  The only character I truly felt a keen dislike for was the bad guy whose job it was to try to prevent Emily and ‘T-tan’ from ending up together (a part of the aforementioned unspeakable evil); he was a real piece of work, and I was very glad to see how Janet Breakfield chose to deal with him.  I really enjoyed reading this YA (who knew I would like a YA?) and was in Emily’s corner the whole time.

I did find a significant number of grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors, but since my experience with Cajun English is extremely limited (my specialty is Spanish) perhaps what I found to be grammar and spelling errors were nothing but perfectly acceptable Bayou spellings and usages of words.  Even if all of what I found were errors, they did not detract from the essence of what this was – a really good story that should be read and enjoyed.

Rating: 3.5 Stars - I Really Liked It

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  1. This was a good story, that could have been really good with some better character development and more attention to building and maintaining the tension related to the interactions / interference of the curse.

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