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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Book Review: Badlands Bride by Adrianne Wood

Badlands Bride
By Adrianne Wood


Lily Highfill has spent long years in Denver, exiled from her wealthy, high-society family in Boston. With a betrothal to a titled Englishman nearly in her pocket and an invitation to return home to Boston in hand, Lily thinks her future is set and decides to spend her final month out West at her grandfather’s fossil dig in the Colorado badlands. Then a famous frontier journalist enters the bone hunters’ camp and stirs up trouble—and her heart.

Mason Donnelly used to be one of the most popular writers west of the Mississippi, but after several dry months, his career has hit rock bottom. One big story could put him back on top, and he senses that there’s more to this fossil dig than dinosaur bones. But a feisty heiress with a knack for finding trouble is about to derail all his plans in ways he could never imagine….

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Viviana's Review: 
The author draws you in with the characters she has created. Both the hero and heroine are smart, witty and independent. Their conversations and the dynamic between the two really drove this story and was quite entertaining to read.
I was extremely happy that the author chose to make her heroine as feisty and strong as she did. Don’t get me wrong, the character did struggle at times with herself regarding what is deemed proper behavior and what she really wanted to do or say. This is a Western romance after all. However, as I read the book, I smiled – another point for the girl!

Lily stood up for herself and had a sharp tongue and mind (which I was also glad to see/read that she used it). She’s there to help her grandfather and to be useful, not to be someone’s doormat or dutiful wife.

 Mason was also very intelligent and his own man. He knew he needed the break to find that creative spark that had eluded him for many months.  Seems like the combination of the fresh air, the mountains and a certain lady was all he truly needed.

This is a Western after all and a romance to boot so they got shot at, there’s a secret that is being kept, not only from the reporter but to others as well, there are romantic horse rides and sweet rendezvous   and of course “the decision”!

Overall a great read that was entertaining. You’ll really enjoy the character and the story!

Rating: 3.5 Stars - I Really Liked It

Originally reviewed for Reading Between the Wines Book Club

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