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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

ARC Book Review: Morningside by Ahsley Madua

By Ashley Madua


It’s easy to get caught up with bad-ass vampires, a killer love triangle, broken engagements, assumed clones, and enough sexual tension to drive anyone crazy.

Does society really know what it means to be a vampire? What it feels like? Tastes like? The struggles of going through life in a state of unacceptance, and using every fiber of your being to change?

MORNINGSIDE shows vampires in a new light. Humanity believes them to be one thing, without any deviation-- the perfection of a human hunter. One woman is able to prove them wrong. Trapped between both the mortal and immortal realms, she becomes the line between humans and vampires, and both the differences and similarities they share. When her life is put at stake, the worlds begin to collide.

Available for purchase at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Viviana's Review:
I received an ARC ebook of this book from the author to review.  This is the author's debut novel.

The beginning was slow and filled with inessential information and/or details. I understand that world building is crucial, however, the information and/or detail I'm referring to is truly not necessary to keep the story moving forward nor is it of value to enhance the story. It felt more like a word count filler.

The connection between the heroine and hero is not clear, neither is the attraction. They met at a party, he's good looking, he accidentally turns her into a vampire, then the twist and they hang out. See? Usually, there's something that brings the two together, whether it is fate or being that this is a PNR, the usual "mate" story line or even "instant connection". There was also no "chemistry" between them. None of the usual occurs which makes it hard to understand why they are together.

There needs to be more depth to the characters and details about who the characters are and what's going on. The connection I usually feel for the characters isn't there. Perhaps its partially because we don't learn the name of the heroine until almost the very end or that her reaction to things or the situation doesn't feel "right" or "real". There are way too many unanswered questions and the author doesn't provide the answers or clues. The story needs more time to develop.

The premise of the story is interesting, though the execution wasn't the best. Again, this is the author's debut novel and she has potential.

Rating: 2 Stars - It was okay

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