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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Book Review: Never Stay Past Midnight by Mira Lyn Kelly

Never Stay Past Midnight
By Mira Lyn Kelly

"You are so wrong for me."

Levi had to agree--he was. He was leaving Chicago in a few short weeks. He didn't do commitment--ever. But everything about this night, this girl, was so good. So right. Until at 11:59 p.m. she got out of his bed, got dressed and left!

What had he done? Things had hardly started and she was off! Yet he was bored with simpering women he couldn't get rid of. Elise was a breath of fresh air. How was he going to find her...and get her back in his bed--for the whole night this time? It seemed Mr. Levi-and-Leave-Them might have found the one woman to leave him begging for more....

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Viviana's Review

Imagine my surprise when I checked out the Goodreads Giveaway section and selected to sort through the ones I've entered by “won”. I actually won something!! Yippeee!!  I won this book!! Bonus, I got the opportunity to discover a new author.

When something so wrong can truly be something so right but also needed, you get a great story.  Mira created great, smart and funny characters that you couldn't help but fall for.

It was supposed to have been only for one night. One time and that was it! The chemistry between Levi & Claire is hot and undeniable!  From the very beginning they both knew it wouldn't last and that was on purpose. Life, however, had other plans.

Levi  is your typical ‘I not good at relationships’ and the ‘I will only break your heart’ kind of a  guy! He is the one that always ‘walked away’ from the woman. Focused on his business, he’ll be leaving for the next project in a few weeks. He doesn’t have the time nor wants to be in a relationship. Imagine his surprise when she is the one that walks away first and gives him the speech he’s given to woman countless times. Needless to say, he was dumbfounded and yet intrigued.  But atlas, it was just for one night, right?

Elise is strong, independent, has a plan for her future and is working extremely hard to make those goals a reality. She doesn't have time for a man, let alone a relationship. Yet, her loving sister insists on trying to set her up on dates. There’s just no connection with any of the guys her sister has set her up with. Enter Levi and the thought of her being able to ‘cut loose’ for just one night. Leave all her responsibilities and troubles somewhere else.

Funny when you have or think you have planned things out and life just laughs in your face. We've all been there once in our lives (if not more times than we can count). Mira truly did a great job of telling Elise’s and Levi’s individual stories as well as the story of them as a couple.  Loved the conversations between Elise & Levi and they do have some funny moments. It’s a light, easy read that will keep you entertained until you’re done!

Rating: 3.5 - Really, Really liked it! 

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