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Welcome to the Audiobook Lovin' Series 
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I LOVE audiobooks! No surprise there, right? 
The Audiobook Lovin' Series was born when two listeners and lovers of audiobooks and dear friends realized that there was NO ONE and/or NO WHERE to highlight listeners favorite audio titles, but also NO ONE was discussing/chatting with the authors that wrote the stories nor the narrators that performed them. 

Fast forward to 2024 and the Audiobook Lovin' Series is celebrating it's 10th Anniversary!

The series then led to its spinoff The Audiobook Lovin' Podcast (currently in its' 5th year!) 
and a new series "Enchantress After Dark Series" for when we work with book events as their official podcast and special events as well!

This will be the homepage for everything Audiobook Lovin' and we'll be adding more information to the upcoming events!
Audiobook Lovin' 2015

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