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I LOVE audio books! I'm constantly IMing and/or texting Kelly from Books-n-Kisses to share our latest listen, crush over a narrator and even in those moments when we need to vent when an awesome book just didn't cut it for us in the audio format. Yeah, that happens, not often thankfully. Most of the time, we're chatting about the "OMG, this is awesome" or "Ohhh he's the perfect ....." fill in the character's name" or my favorite type of conversation 'did you get to the part...." when we're listening to a book at the same time.

These sort of conversations between listeners was the reason that initially made me want to share with you all OUR LOVE of audiobooks with the Audiobook Lovin' Series and what better time to do it than in June to celebrate Audiobook month! This year, the month long event continues with the only difference being that I will be hosting it on my own with a few guest hosts to spread the love and the joy that are audiobooks!

This will be the homepage for everything Audiobook Lovin' and we'll be adding more information to the upcoming events!
Audiobook Lovin' 2015

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