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Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Audiobook Lovin' 2024 Presents: Narrator Aaron Shedlock


We're celebrating our Tenth Anniversary this June aka Audiobook Month! We'll be celebrating all month long with fabulous Authors and Narrators!!!

Today we're hanging out with returning guest Narrator Aaron Shedlock!

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Things Discussed 
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Aaron's Top Five Reasons Why He LOVES Being an Audiobook Narrator!

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The Rebel - Aaron Shedlock - Casting Announcement

♬ original sound - Aaron Shedlock

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The Irishman's Promise
By Sandra Sigfusson
Narrated by Stephanie Nemeth-Parker, Connor Crais, John Hartley, Aaron Shedlock, Lessa Lamb, Marcio Catalano and Shiloh James

Available for purchase at 

Upcoming Releases
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Bound to Punish
(The Doubeck Crime Family Series, Book 6)
By J.L. Beck and Monica Corwin
Narrated by: Meghan Kelly and Aaron Shedlock

Release Date: July 1, 2025

Available for pre-order at 

Libro.fm | Audible

Dishonestly Yours
By Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie
Narrated by Aaron Shedlock and Carly Robins

Release Date: July 2, 2024

Available for pre-order at 

Libro.fm | Audible

Dixon Creek Ranch Series by Emily Silver
Narrated by Emma Wilder and Aaron Shedlock

Available for pre-order at 

About Our Guest

Adventurous, quirky, and typically lost in his own imaginative world, Aaron learned the art of storytelling from his globe-trotting Grandfather, well known for recanting his travels to exotic locales and living among other cultures while sipping a glass of his favorite beer or classic martini. Sometimes both!

A student of Meisner method acting and obsessed with books, film, music, and art, Aaron came to the world of audiobooks not only as a voice actor, but as an avid fan, chasing after his favorite narrators’ and authors’ latest work with voracious enthusiasm.

In addition to narrating over 600 audiobooks, Aaron can be heard in podcasts, radio and audio dramas, animation, video games, commercials, and infomercials all around the world.

Known for his deep voice, dynamic versatility, extensive use of dialects and accents, and submersing himself fully into his characters and stories, he brings a wonderfully unique, emotional, and engaging experience to his listeners.

He’s a fan favorite across multiple genres and can often be found interacting and enjoying their company as a prominent streamer in the Twitch community, playing music, sipping great coffee, or just rolling around on the floor with his pups.

Connect with Aaron at 

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