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Friday, September 15, 2023

Audiobook Lovin Podcast: S5 Ep. 2: Narrator Ruthie Bowles

Welcome to Season 5 Episode 2 of the 
Audiobook Lovin Podcast! 

Today we're chatting with Narrator Ruthie Bowles! 
Ruthie is an up-and-coming narrator that I have had the pleasure of watching her grow in this industry since her very early start! She brings a very unique and interesting point of view to the business side of the industry due to her professional background. She is also an advocate for diversity and inclusion in the book world, which I admire and support!! She's active on TikTok and IG and totally worth following! 

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Things Discussed 
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Talking with her hands lol

@ruthie.narrates.books Salvia VerdaderaFe has signed a pact with Ultor, a demon of Infernos, to enact the end of all and purge the world of sin. Ultor and six others were granted permission to enter the middle world of Eldara, bound to mortals by the Seraphim of Hevellum. Upon his arrival a messenger of Hevellum should have been waiting to assign him his task, unfortunately the messenger did not appear and thus his mission is a mystery. Along their journey through the country of Marlela, they are set upon by a group of Templar Equitums, bearers of virtue and enforcers of the Cirine faith. From their encounter their destination is revealed. Their journey to Lumen Magnum begins. Available on KU, ebook, and paperback. #tcffp #ajtorres #thecallforfinis #fantasybook #darkfantasybook #femmecharacterappreciation #femmenarratorappreciation #femmeaudiotakeover ♬ original sound - Ruthie Bowles 🎤 Narrator

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Latest Release
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(The Seventh Day Series, Book 5)
By Leslie Swartz
Narrated by Ruthie Bowles

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Blissful Masquerade
(Ruthless Desires, Book 1)
By Elira Firethorn
Narrated by Ruthie Bowles and Corvin King

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Upcoming Releases
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Summoner's Circle
(Forgotten Magics Book 1) 
By Coral Alejandra Moore

Currently being recorded!

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Blazing Sunlight 
(The Heir of Light and Dark Book 2)
By Aline P Mora

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About Our Guest

Ruthie is an Army Veteran and former translator from Southern California who now calls Central Maryland her home. If she's not in her sound booth, you can find her hiking in the trails near her house, playing with her kids, or (of course), reading a book. While book reading is her top hobby, she also gardens, homesteads, and belly dances. Ruthie's Black and Latine heritage has made her very devoted to bringing books written by authors from marginalized communities to life through audio.

You can connect with Ruthie at

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