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Friday, June 23, 2023

Audiobook Lovin' Series Presents: Sponsorship Spotlight - Landon Beach


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Previous interview with Author Landon Beach and Narrator Scott Brick
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By the time playwright and actor Shawn Frost had won 2 Tony Awards by his late twenties, he was seen as a theater prodigy—a meteoric rise that the performing arts community had not witnessed in almost a hundred years.  His work?  Shakespearean in scope, character, and popularity—boundless and beautiful.  His own character?  Flawed.

And in a place like New York City, where failings get magnified, Shawn Frost finds that, even from the heights of artistic sublimity, no one is insulated from the demons that have caused the best of entertainers to fall from grace.

After surviving an accident that almost costs him his life, Shawn leaves NYC and the theater for the quiet, picturesque Pacific cliffs of Carmel-by-the-Sea and starts a new life as an audiobook narrator.  As he rises through the ranks, narrating bestseller after bestseller, Shawn Frost once again flirts with artistic immortality.

But.  As his limitless skills emerge in the exploding arena of voice arts, so do his flaws.

Then, he experiences every audiobook narrator’s worst fear: He is kidnapped by two obsessed fans, determined to make Shawn perform their novel…

Or was he?

Available for purchase at 


The Blue Hour Sanction (Sunrise-Side Mystery Book 3)
By Landon Beach
Narrated by Suzanne Elise Freeman

Release Date
August 29, 2023

Available for pre-order rat


If you like high-stakes espionage, action, and endings you won't see coming, then you'll love Landon Beach's tense spy thriller.

For twenty years, the mysterious and deadly character of Adrienne Astra has wowed readers and propelled author Riley Cannon to become one of the bestselling novelists of all-time. Now, with Sunrise Kama Sutra, the final novel in Cannon's mega-selling 6-volume 'Round the Clock Series, about to be released, Cannon decides to pull back the curtain and give her fans what they have long yearned for: Adrienne Astra's origin story. In an exclusive, e-mailed-in, 2-question interview, famous book blogger Christine Harper asked the author, "Why now?" And Cannon wrote, "Because, before you discover how Adrienne's journey ends, you have to learn how it began." When asked what the title of the novel would be, Cannon replied . . .

The Blue Hour Sanction

With the publishing world in a frenzy over the interview, Riley Cannon prepares to sit down and tell the world how Adrienne Astra became Adrienne Astra.

Then, the night before Cannon is to start writing the novel, she disappears, and her mega-agent, Topaz Kennedy, is forced to take drastic measures. The Blue Hour Sanction must be written and published within six months of the release of the series' fifth book, 3 a.m. Phone Call, to give readers enough time to get through the novel before Sunrise Kama Sutra is released six months later. Any hiccup in the promotional timeline will throw off the whole, glamorous ending to the series and stain Riley Cannon and Topaz Kennedy forever.

Knowing all of this better than anyone else in the industry, Topaz Kennedy makes her audacious move: She calls Landon Beach and asks him—using Riley Cannon's notes—to write the novel.

He accepts.

The result is an origin story unlike anything readers and listeners have ever experienced before.

How did a young woman from a small, rural town in Michigan become the most lethal assassin that the world has ever known? You are about to find out.
If you are a fan of Jack Carr, Brad Thor, Lee Child, Don Winslow, Vince Flynn, Mark Greaney, Brad Taylor, or Ted Bell, you'll enjoy The Blue Hour Sanction, Landon Beach's Great Lakes Saga, and Landon Beach's stand-alone psychological thriller, Narrator.

About Our Sponsor

Landon was born and raised in Michigan but now lives in the Sunshine State with his wife, two children, and their golden retriever. He previously served as a Naval Officer and was an educator for fifteen years before becoming a full-time writer. 

Connect with Landon at 


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