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Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Audiobook Review: It Happened One Christmas Eve by Jenn McKinlay

It Happened One Christmas Eve
(A Museum of Literature Romance, Bk 3)
By Jenn McKinlay
Narrated by Sara Young 

Claire Macintosh is about to get engaged to a man she doesn't love at the holiday gala she is hosting as director of the Museum of Literature. Her mother, Hildy Macintosh, has made it clear that if the museum is to continue to receive the enormous donations from the family trust that Hildy has approved all these years, then Claire must marry the man Hildy has chosen for her and start to produce some grandbabies. At forty and single, Claire feels she has no choice. But when the horse and carriage arrive at the gala with the driver dressed as Santa to deliver Claire's engagement ring, she just can't go through with it. She hijacks the horse and carriage with Santa still on board and escapes!

Reporter Sam Carpenter thought he was being so clever convincing his friend to let him step in as Santa so he could get up close and personal to the subject of his upcoming magazine exposé. He is completely unprepared for the events that unfold and finds himself dashing through Central Park with a runaway would-be fiancé. Now the only way to save his story is to broker a deal with Claire Macintosh. In exchange for his help in getting her to her cottage in Maine by Christmas Eve, she'll grant him an exclusive interview. As their journey takes a series of unexpected twists, turns, and misadventures, both Claire and Sam realize that there's more than their careers on the line. And it's going to take a Christmas miracle to find their happily ever after.

©2022 Jenn McKinlay (P)2022 Dreamscape Media, LLC

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Viviana's Review: 

This was a short and fun listen!! Perfect to get that serotonin us book lovers need and love! It's charming and gives you a vintage Christmas story feel. Filled with clever dialogue, witty characters and gives you that fill good vibe. As its usual when a novella is well written, you are left wanting more!!  

I was thrilled when I learned that the heroine was older as that's not a 'norm' in romance!! However, I did roll my eyes at the heroine being 40 and still being totally controlled by her mother. I hoped it wouldn't become a weak heroine needing a man to sweep her off her feet when she is more than capable of saving herself. THANKFULLY, it wasn't. 

I loved Sam and how creative he was with solving issues and also how he showed Claire she was more than capable of being her own woman and didn't need her mom's approval nor controlling her. 

Jen did a great job narrating the novella. Subtle changes in cadence and tones giving each character their own voices. 

Overall, it was a great holiday novella! 

Rating: 4.5 Stars - I REALLY LOVED IT

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This review is my own opinion and not a paid review.

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