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Friday, July 29, 2022

Audiobook Lovin Podcast: S3 Ep 22 - Narrator Michelle Price


Welcome to Season 3 Episode 21 of the 
Audiobook Lovin Podcast! Today we're chatting with 
Narrator Michelle Price!

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Haunting Emily
(A Spirit Hunters Novel, Bk 1)
By Temperance Dawn
Narrated by Michelle Price

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September 22 - 24, 2022 

About Our Guest

Snuggled between the Appalachian and Allegheny mountains in Virginia, Michelle enjoys bringing stories to life with her sultry, warm, and expressive voice. From her tween years producing her own radio show using a Talk-Boy recorder in her best friend's basement to her newly updated home studio, Michelle has always loved using her voice to entertain and inform. Her versatile sound lends itself to various genres, such as young adult, fantasy, literary fiction, and romance with a narration prowess that has been known to make an author blush when hearing their own words read aloud. 

Those that know her would say they value Michelle’s ability to be vulnerable and authentic in everything she does. This vulnerability and empathic nature are rooted in her childhood. Although she didn’t always quite understand it, this ability (once seen as something that was “wrong” with her) has now been entirely embraced as not only positive but an asset. Michelle’s vulnerable nature allows her to connect with texts in a way some may not fully understand. This connection is what drives her to tell human stories in an authentic voice. 

Before her life as a narrator, Michelle received a bachelor’s of arts degree from The Ohio State University in comparative religious studies. When asked why she pursued this, Michelle said she always dreamed of being a “talking head” on the History Channel discussing the newest ancient text discovered in a language only she and 4 other people knew. But soon after graduating she found herself being led into the field of suicide prevention, where she worked wholeheartedly for 10 years. 

When Michelle is not narrating she is spending time with her 4-year-old son, her family, and two kitties (Bigga and Foos). Her son has already inherited his mother's gift of gab and love of storytelling. He often wakes up in the morning saying, “Mommy! I need to tell you a story.” Will he follow in mommy’s footsteps? Time will tell. 

When she finds free time, you can find her crocheting a toy for her son or a gigantic blanket (a hobby she picked up after her son was born). She can often be found longing for a weekend away wherever she can find a jacuzzi tub or the ocean (or both!) and read for pleasure. Sometimes Michelle considers starting up her old ghost hunting team, in honor of her late father. Michelle also enjoys listening to music of all kinds, watching period dramas, listening to true crime podcasts, and hiking. Her current hiking goal is to hike McAfee Knob on the Appalachian Trail with her brother. 

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