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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Audiobook Lovin' 2022 Presents: Sarah Sampino and Liam Price


Please welcome Narrators Sarah Sampino and Liam Price to the Audiobook Lovin 2022 Series. 

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Things Discussed 
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About Our Guests

Sarah Sampino is an actor from Long (LAWWng) Island – but you only hear her accent after she’s had a few drinks. She is continuously surprised by the support of her business-oriented parents, who swear that she sang “Part of Your World” before she could talk. Apparently that can’t go on a resume.

Sarah earned her B.F.A in Drama from New York University, and her BF from England – She highly recommends studying abroad. She learned to sword fight at RADA, which is brought up at any opportunity, because it’s really, really cool. She also trained at The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute and Stonestreet Studios.

Life as an actress has provided Sarah with invaluable knowledge and self discovery. For example, she now knows how difficult it is to ride a horse sidesaddle in Amish skirts. On the occasion that Sarah is not being actor-y, she can be found procrastinating everything by burying her face into a fantasy novel.

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Liam grew up in the English countryside with a deep love for literature, especially talking books and radio plays. He studied English literature and history before spending a number of years working and traveling around the world. Liam then served with the military, where in a stroke of monumental luck, he would meet his future wife (pending!). She would lure him over to the United States and tempt him into the world of Audiobook narration.  His favorite books include Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, anything by Nick Hornby, and everything to do with history.

With his worldly experience, a knack for accents, natural dry wit and English decadence, Liam is fully equipped to bring your Audiobook to life. Contact him now, go on, do it!

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