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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Audiobook Lovin' 2022 Presents: Partner Spotlight - Sirena Audiobooks

Love in any language is still love! However, there are many different languages and authors of course want to bring their books to the masses!! Book translation is something that should be part of every author's business and marketing strategy! By globalizing your book, your rankings will improve and so with the revenue margin! Now which language to select from? Well... numbers say a lot and are definitely a factor in making decisions especially when there is a business cost associated with making the decision to translate your book. So here are some important statistic/numbers for you to consider translating your books and your audiobooks into SPANISH!! 

  • There are about 477 millions native speakers
  • Spanish is the third most widely spoken language in the world after Mandarin and English*
  • In the United States, more than 41 million people speak Spanish as their FIRST language* 
  • It's estimated/expected that the United States will have the largest number of Spanish speakers across the globe by 2050*
  • 377 million people community in Spanish on social media* 
  • Spanish is ranked second in the most used languages on social media*

Obviously there is an upfront cost to you as the business (the author) when translating your books into Spanish as well as having the title produced as an audiobook (in any language). As the saying goes "You need to spend money in order to make money!" Translating your books leads to more sales. However, using google translator is NOT advices!! Neither is having a friend who knows Spanish! Translating is more thank switching the words from English to Spanish (or any other language)! The are ideas and emotions that need to be conveyed properly!! There are grammatical rules and accent marks and OH MY! 

Working with a professional is what I would recommend and when it comes to Spanish translation I suggest

Sirena Audiobooks offers a variety of services and the quality is top notch!! 

Spanish Translations with Editorial Services
Professional Spanish translations with editorial services. Accuracy in neutral Spanish with sense of the emotions and feelings that you want to convey by your characters. Not a simple word by word translation (hey google translate can do that for you). Our process goes through different phases with our Spanish Editor, Spanish Proof-reader and finally to our native Spanish speaking Beta Readers. You keep your rights.

Spanish Narrator Casting
Roster of professional Spanish speaking narrators to choose from. Our database is fill with a pool of a diverse native Spanish speakers from different heritage and background. You get the final choosing for your project.

Full Spanish Audiobook Production
From casting the right narrators, prepping, managing, coordinating and making sure the production process is smooth and stress free for you. Our Reliable engineering staff will take care of all post production keeping quality assurance standards of all major distributors. Support & guidance with audiobook distribution.

Sirena Squad Review Team & Release Blitz Services
Our Sirena Squad are Spanish speaking Bloggers, Bookstagrammers and Tik-Tokers that will create hype in social media for release week. Spanish Blurbs, teasers and images for book-tours and social media engagement. Review team coordination.

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Click here to go the main page for this podcast chat! 


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About The Owner

Sirena audiobooks was created by a Latina for the Latino community. Seeing the lack of accurate Spanish translated and narrated romance novels, She felt the need to help bring all these amazing indie authors’ stories to our Spanish speaking readers and listeners.

Technology provides tools that allow people from all over the world to search and understand the meaning of a word or sentence in a language that they don’t speak.

However, these tools aren’t able to interpret the emotions and feelings behind them, the same way a reader can.

Our company is comprised of professionals who are also avid readers and audiobook listeners that understand what the Spanish market is missing and craving: Quality romance novels’ translations along with great Spanish audiobook performances.

With this in mind, our top priority is to bring the story you already wrote in English to the Spanish speaking community, without it getting lost in translation.

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