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Friday, November 26, 2021

Audiobook Lovin Podcast: S3 Ep5 - Author Victoria Blue

 Welcome to Season 3 Episode 5 of the 
Audiobook Lovin Podcast! Today we're chatting with 
Author Victoria Blue!

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Things Discussed 

Upcoming Release:
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Elijah's Whim: Shark's Edge, Book 7 
By Victoria Blue
Narrated by Teddy Hamilton and G. C. VonCloudts

Release Date: 01-11-22

Available for pre-order at 
Audible | Kindle | Amazon Paperback

About The Author 

Victoria Blue lives in her own portion of the galaxy known as Southern California. There she finds the love and life sustaining power of one amazing sun, two unique and awe inspiring planets and three indifferent, yet comforting moons. Life is fantastic and challenging and everyday brings new adventures to be discovered. She looks forward to seeing what’s next!

You can connect with Victoria at

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