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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Audiobook Review: For Her Benefit by Nana Malone

For Her Benefit
(See No Evil Trilogy #3)
by Nana Malone
Narrated by Shane East and Mari

Tonight, I risk it all.
My fortune.
My freedom.
My love.

My so-called brothers in oath have betrayed me. Perhaps they forgot how many of their secrets I’ve been keeping.

Tonight, vengeance is mine.

But when it comes to heisting a priceless diamond there is no simple plan. There will be blood. After all, there is no such thing as a bloodless coup.

I’m not the only one risking it all. At the center of it all is the woman I never saw coming. The woman who owns my heart.

What a tangled web I’ve woven, trying to find honor amongst these thieves.

The good news is, I know who to trust.
The even better news…I know who to burn.

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August 18, 2020

Suzi's Review:
When we last left our heroine at the end of “The Benefactor” we did not know if she was alive or dead. But, there is a book 3 so we knew she couldn’t be dead, right? Well, with Nana Malone you never know what you are going to find our characters up to and how they are going to get through all the trials and tribulations she puts them through at her beautiful hands. Our Queen of Suspense did it again in “For Her Benefit” and I just finished the book and could not wait to review how much I loved all this twisting and turning from the mystery and all the hot and steamy romance! However, I am very angry as there is so much more I want based on the epilogue teaser for the next line of the series – but it’s the good kind of angry!!

I will not give any spoilers away, hopefully, by saying that Olivia (Livy) Ashong is the character I want to see in all the tv shows and movies! She’s intelligent, caring, sexy, and takes no crap from the people in her life. Has she always been this way? No – and that’s what makes this heroine so great! You see her growth from book to book and even within chapters. The inner monologue that Ms. Malone provides for the character not only gives you insight into the person but also pushes the story along. And then there’s Bennett Covington, Big Ben himself. Oh wow, this man goes on a journey of self-discovery to and learns how to love Livy in a way he could not imagine.

How can Ms. Malone make this trilogy any better? Oh, you know just hire two amazing narrators in the persons of Mari and Shane East to deliver the lines. My goodness Mari is a powerhouse that I could listen to all the time to deliver the snarky lines all the way through to the moans of ecstasy from our Livy. She does an amazing job of playing on the emotional parts along with the battles our heroine must go through with the thrills and chases. I was on the edge of my seat with her delivery and will add Mari to my favey females list for certain. Mr. East was ok – as in the way additional chocolate ganache added to the most decadent brownie is ok – absolutely fantastic! So many male characters in this story to keep the voices straight and stay within range, only a consummate professional could pull this level of acting off in a dialogue heavy text, and he did it with ease. Again, cannot say enough about the voices he uses for the side characters – especially Ben’s nemesis voice – very distinct and you really don’t like him based on the voice alone.

Cannot sing enough praises for the narrators who brought this tangled web of intrigue to life and many thanks for Nana Malone for giving us this ride of a story. She has left me mad and wanting more all over again – and I cannot wait!!!

Rating: 4 Stars - LOVED IT


I received a complimentary copy of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review. This review is my own opinion and not a paid review.

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  1. Nana Malone You are an amazing writer I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Ben and Liv I read 1&2 I cannot wait to read Book 3
    I hoping it’s happy ending thank you so much this fabulous and suspense series IndiraM