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Monday, October 8, 2018

Audiobook Review: Dominate by Amy Daws

(Harris Brothers Series, Book 5 )
by Amy Daws
Narrated by Will Watt and Piper Goodeve with special guest Charlotte Cole

The anticipated conclusion to the Final Harris Brother duet.

To dominate one’s heart is to truly be free.

After the harrowing attack against Gareth and Sloan, there are more than just physical wounds that must be healed. Recovering and moving on from their dark pasts is the only way they can truly find their bright futures.

Who will surrender? And who will dominate?

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Viviana's Review:
This is the end of the Harris Brothers series and everything was wrapped up nicely. DOMINATE started right where we left off in SURRENDER and as this is the second part of the overall story, you have to read part 1 before jumping into this title. 

As in the first book, there were great characters, fun moments and more steamy moments. The Harris brothers are so funny! Love their dynamic. Same for the secondary characters. 
It was so sweet to see Gareth interact with Sloan's daughter as well as the family as a whole. Both Sloan and Gareth go through a lot of different things and I was glad to see that they talked things through. It was also good to see that Sloan began to stand up for herself with others. There is a lot of trauma/emotional hurt that the family has to sort through and healing that needs to occur.  

The 'texting' part that was off putting in the last book was done so much better in this one. There was also a lot less repetitive narrative of why the MCs couldn't be together which drastically improved the listening.

Narrator's Review: As in the previous book, the narrators did a great job and I really liked that narrator Charlotte Cole reprised her role for the female British characters! They really brought the characters to life. 

Overall, I enjoyed the story.  Readers/listeners will be pleased with how Amy wrapped up the series. 

Rating: 3 Stars - I liked it

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this audiobook from the author in exchange for an honest review. This review is my own opinion and not a paid review. 

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