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Monday, June 25, 2018

Release Day Blitz & GIveaway: Shadow of the Summer Moon by Amanda LeMay

Shadow of the Summer Moon 
(Sakana Series Book 2)
by Amanda LeMay

Branded by my pack Alpha.

Betrayed by my mother.

Raised by lies and falsehoods.

The betrayal just as twisted and hideous as the deep scars I now carry.

I have one choice: let my wolf loose and run. Run for my life and to the only other wolf who escaped the San Francisco pack.

I leave my past and my pack behind, hoping for protection, a new home, a new pack and a chance to live free. The last thing I ever dream of finding is a mate.

But falling into Gunner Bodolf’s arms is as simple as breathing in his irresistible scent. And once he kisses me, I can’t walk away. Having been lied to my entire life, there is so much I don’t know about being a wolf. I certainly know nothing of the sakana bond, a rare and precious bond between two wolves, connecting their minds, bodies, and souls.

Gunner and I now share this priceless ancient gift.

I ran from hell and ended up in heaven. Unfortunately, the deadly danger I left behind tracks me across the country to the middle of nowhere, Texas.

My past will never let me go without a challenge, a challenge I refuse to run from. To protect my new life, my new pack, my new mate, I will fight.

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Gunner’s scent stood out like a luminous beacon in the dark night. The smoky leather and lemon essence coated my nostrils and seeped into my lungs, beckoning me with a force I couldn’t deny, dragging me forward to the only place Gunner would retreat to.
The true wolves that patrolled the ranch joined me as I ran. Though they stayed several feet behind, their collective anxiety filled the air. Gunner was in pain and they didn’t understand why.
The wet rocks lining the banks of the Guadalupe River and the moist, green foliage of trees and grass nearby gave off their own unique fragrances. I’d only been out there once, but there was no doubt, I was close.
Gunner’s deep, rich scent seemed stronger than usual, almost overwhelming, but in a way that drew me to him as if a rope were tied around my neck, dragging me along, because my feet barely kept up.
Another howl split the sky. The wretched anguish twisted my heart.
Gun…I’m coming.
The small, stone cabin came into view. I raced faster. The other wolves fell behind—not only because I outran them, but because they were wary. The scent of their distress had fallen behind with them and for that, I was thankful.
Against the black background of dark trees, a shadowy figure stood upright, unnaturally tall and broad, with massive arms and legs. He threw back his head and howled to the waxing moon.
I didn’t slow my pace. His miserable howl pulled me forward. The moon glinted off his incredibly long canines. His paws were enormous hands, each finger ending in an extended scythe-like claw.
A wolf monster. A gigantic beast. The most magnificent creature I had ever seen.
Some dark, primal part of my soul recognized my wolf mate and I wanted him, needed him, inside me. My wolf craved the weight of his body slamming into mine. I wanted him to rut and fuck and claim me—mate with me—just the way he was.
I skidded to a halt. His enormous head swung around. Bright green eyes glowed luminescent, as if lit from behind. His savage snarl set my teeth on edge. From upwind and blacker than night, I wasn’t sure he saw me, much less caught my scent—an advantage if I were trying to sneak up on him, but I wasn’t. I shifted to my human form as another vicious snarl curled his muzzle.
I stood still, making a conscious effort to slow my rapid breaths, careful not to make any sudden moves. I didn’t know what part of Gunner was more in control, the wild animal or the devoted male. Not that it mattered. Gunner would never hurt me.
“It’s me. It’s me.” The words came from my lips as a gentle command, soothing and confident. “Gun, it’s me.”
With each heavy breath, the light of the moon flowed in sparkling waves over his fur. His coloration was much like his regular wolf form, though it now covered an over-seven-foot frame—white arms, legs, torso, and face, with a mask of varying shades of brown, starting from his forehead and traveling down his back through his incredibly long, bushy tail. He stalked toward me, slow and deliberate, moonlight flashing over his rippling muscles, his clawed feet silent on the damp, hard-packed soil. He stopped his advance a few yards from me.
A wonderful, tingling sensation raced up my spine. Everything inside of me was already on fire. Part of me wanted to offer up my belly in submission while the other half of me wanted to go down on all fours and beg him to take me with total abandon, in a wild, animalistic mating frenzy.
I licked my suddenly dry lips as I struggled simply to stand quiet and still.
Low-pitched whines came from his mouth, traveled through every cell in my body, hit my brain and my heart, and somehow I understood his meaning: no fear. Not a command. A statement.
I nodded in agreement. “No fear.”
The last few feet that separated us disappeared. I slammed my body into his, wrapped my arms around him, and held on as his arms clenched around my back. My cheek barely reached his sternum.
“Never.” It was the only word I spoke before his arms squeezed the breath out of me.

His chest expanded and he howled deep and low. She is safe.

Sakana Series

Kiss of the Winter Moon 
Bk #1

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About The Author

Indie author Amanda LeMay grew up on a small farm in Southern California reading every sci-fi book her dad passed on to her and watching every classic horror movie her mom shared with her. Her love for paranormal romance was an easy leap. Amanda published her first paranormal romance – full of dark sexy wolf-shifters called KISS OF THE WINTER MOON - in February 2018. Her wolf-shifters share a rare and special bond with their mates: the sakana bond, a rare and ancient bond that links their minds, bodies, and souls.

Amanda still lives in Southern California with her own Alpha-male husband and two grumpy cats and dreams of living on the beach in Texas. When she isn't writing, or thinking about writing, (or plotting, or characters, or dialogue, or world building), she's probably working on any number of crafts, sewing, gardening, or lost in another authors' wonderful dream world. She plots most of her novels while walking, or driving, or while on long Texas beach vacations sitting outside listening to the waves. She loves reading paranormal romance, fantasy romance, sci-fi romance, contemporary romance...well, just romance in general. 

Her second novel in the Sakana Series, SHADOW OF THE SUMMER MOON, is set to go live on June 26, 2018.

Book trivia - 
“While on a road trip from Southern California to Texas, about an hour outside of San Antonio we passed through a little town called Comfort. I’d already been in the process of writing a wolf-shifter story, so naturally, I pictured an entire pack hiding in plain sight in the middle of this blink-and-miss it town. I spent the next 2 weeks plotting out a story that became the first book in the Sakana Series, Kiss of the Winter Moon. Where I had planned on another book taking second place, Shadow of the Summer Moon soon took its spot as the result of story hijacking by my beta reader, Janna. She’d dreamed Gunner Bodolf, the Comfort pack Alpha, met his sakana and her name was ‘Simone’. She gave me a few details and I took them, added a little over 126,000 other words and gave Gunner his happily ever after.”

Visit Amanda’s website at www.amandalemay.com and sign up for her newsletter to receive exclusive cover reveals and chapter previews. 

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