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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Audiobook Lovin Presents: Iggy Toma Interview

Today, our guest is one of my favorite narrators, Iggy Toma! He's been our guest since the very first Audiobook Lovin and we're so happy he's back again this year! Below is an interview with Iggy we hope you'll enjoy. 

A little about me. 

I’m a narrator and musician based in NYC.  I try to stay involved politically.  It keeps me sane.  Honestly, I’m kind of a boring guy.  I think that’s why I’m drawn to stories, romance in particular.  I live vicarious through the characters I voice. 

Do you narrate full time?  
Are there other voice over jobs you’ve done? 

Yep, audiobook narration is my bread and butter.  I haven’t done other voiceover work, the worlds are surprisingly separate, but I’d sure love to!  SO if anyone has a gig for me, hit me up.  ;)

What do I love about audiobooks?  

I love stories and I value positive human connection, humans offering their humanity.  Narration adds one more layer of humanness, or soul, to the storytelling process. We could all use a little more soul in our lives.

Favorite Accent?  Least Favorite?

My favorite accent is Spanish, with the lisp.  Supposedly the origin of the lisp is that long ago the king of Spain had one and everyone mimicked him so as not to insult him.  And it stuck.  I have no idea if it's true.  I've never looked it up because I'm afraid it won't be and my entire grasp on reality will crumble.  

My least favorite to perform is Scottish.  It’s so Hard!   An actor friend of mine said it’s like chewing on glass.  He isn’t wrong.

Favorite Sub-genre.

Hmmm… well variety is the spice of life so I like getting to doing all sorts of stuff.  I guess my favorite would be sci-fi romance.  It allows me to geek out and turn to mush at the same time.

Is there a genre that you have yet to narrate that you’d like to?

I’ve never done Historical Romance.  Bring on Pilgrim love!  Viking Romance!  Or, hey, the founding fathers must have been pretty kinky. 

When I’m not working… what do I do for fun.

I like rock climbing and hiking. I’m a pretty outdoorsy guy, which can be a challenge in NYC.  I’m also a foodie, which is not a challenge in NYC.   I go to the gym a lot to make up for the fact that it’s not a challenge to be a foodie in NYC.

What’s coming up.

A lovely book called Fake Out by Eden Finley should be out shortly, which is a co-narration with the incomparable Alexander Cendese.  Then, if I’m lucky, Heidi Cullinan and I have some collaborations on the horizon.  

Looking forward so very much to Iggy's upcoming releases! 

Friends, please scroll down to find some audio samples of Iggy's work, his information and don't forget to enter the giveaway! 

Audiobooks narrated by Iggy here!

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About The Narrator

Iggy Toma is a voice-over artist, musician, and activist based in New York City. He is an avid reader of romance and mystery, and he has a soft spot for daytime soap operas.

You can find Iggy at 

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