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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Audiobook Review: The Secret Life of Cooper Bennett by Golden Czermak

The Secret Life of Cooper Bennett
by Golden Czermak 
Narrated by Wen Ross & Kai Kennicott


COOPER BENNETT is a high school senior living a hard and abusive life in the sleepy town of Goodman, GA.

One night, a monstrous burden is thrust upon him with the potential to unlock the better life he’s always wanted; one filled with love from the girl of his dreams and strengthened childhood friendships.

However, the effects of his actions do not go unnoticed.

Grayson Manning and his athletic son Liam see things far differently, doing everything in their power to send all Cooper has affected into ruin before he and the dangerous Lance Goddard manage to do the same to them.

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Viviana's Review:
This is the first book by Golden Czermak I've 'read'/listened to. When I first learned of this book I was intrigued as the cover caught my attention. Then when I learned Wen Ross would be narrating the audiobook, I added it to my "TBL" (i.e. to be listened) list.

THE SECRET LIFE OF COOPER BENNETT begins at a slow pace and continues with that pace as the story develops and we learn more about the characters and events. I was fine with the pace but had major issues keeping track during the first half of the book due to the jumping of dates between past events and present day. The characters also provide their backstories/memories via flashbacks and dates are also use. This also makes it hard to follow a tad as well since you're trying to piece in where exactly things fit into the story. Eventually towards the end of the story, the posting of the dates becomes less of an issue, but its more because the events are occurring in order.

There is a large cast of characters and many play an important role at one point or another, however keeping track of them with the date jumping.

The story begins with Cooper and his best friend Billy both being 18 years old and seniors in high school. As the story progress, Cooper turns 19 yrs old. There are many instances where they come across younger than the age we are told they are. There are also a few instances where some of their actions or thoughts went against their characters (from what we've read). This could easily be a YA with the exception of one scene.

The story has intrigue and its interesting how things turn out.

Narrator's Review: 
Wen does a great job with all the numerous male characters, giving them each their own tones and voices. This is great because of the vast number of male characters which allows the reader to follow along easier. This is performed in duet and Kai does a great job as well, those there are less female characters in the story.

Overall, this is an interesting story in which the ending leaves it open for additional books. There are some twists and though it may be hard to follow at first because of the back and forth in time, I'm glad I picked this up and look forward to the next book.

Rating: 2.5 Stars - it was okay

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the narrators in exchange for an honest review. This review is my own opinion and not a paid review.

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