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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Audiobook Review: Filthy Scrooge By Taryn Quinn

Filthy Scrooge
By Taryn Quinn 
Narrated by Kai Kennicott & Wen Ross 

Making deals is my specialty. And tonight, my terms are...her.

I hate Christmas. For years, I've avoided the holiday entirely.

Until Kandy Kane enters my life - the same seductive mystery woman I danced with at a club last night. When she shows up at my company the next day as our Christmas party planner, she's desperate for help with her little problem.

My hot elf in striped tights needs a last-minute Santa.

And I need her. In every way possible. And this time, she's not going to run. Alone in my remote cabin for the weekend, she's going to be mine in every way she knows and a few she doesn't.

Except she's hiding a secret. So am I.

She's a virgin.

And I'm the bastard who is going to ruin her for any other man...unless she ruins me first.

Author's Note: While Filthy Scrooge is a standalone short novel that can be listened to without listening to any other story, you never know when characters from our other books may show up.

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Viviana's Review:
I've never read anything by Taryn and totally picked up this book because of the narrators. This was also a quick listen (4hrs & 49mins). There is a bit more to the story that the blurb doesn't include. However, the majority is there and you end up with a steamy quick read.

I liked both characters though I think Lincoln's "scrooge" behavior could have been done better if there was more shared by secondary characters. It seemed off at the beginning. Gets better towards the end as we learn more about him and the reason for his scrooge attitude. Kandy on the other hand, seems to have been made to run a business that involves Christmas. From her name to her view on life.

Lincoln and Kane meet at the beginning of the book but remain strangers until she walks into his office. Their initial meeting was full of chemistry but nothing came of it. This could have created a great opportunity to have that tension between the two, however, they jump right into it. I was bummed about that. I would have loved to have seen more tension and bantering to create and increase that chemistry.

This was a quick "fall from lust into love" story and when its this quick (over four days) I tend to scoff at it especially when there is little interaction (besides the physical) between them or when we don't 'see' things from a character's perspective that would be an "Oh that's why they fell for each other" type of moment. There were a few potential moments but again, not fully explored.

Perhaps it was due to the shortness of the story that it seemed like something was missing to make it a much better story.

The Narrators Review: 
If it wasn't for the narrators, this would have become a DNF read. They gave a depth to the characters with their performance that wouldn't have been there if not for them.

Both Wen & Kai are a great team that play off each other very well! Each provide the characters with individual voices/tones allowing different personalities to come out as well.

Overall, it was a quick read with great narrators. I liked it. It was okay. Would I re-listen? Nope.

Rating: 2 Stars - I liked it. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book by the Narrators in exchange for an honest review. This review is my own opinion and not a paid review.

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