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Friday, October 27, 2017

Release Day Blitz & Giveaway: Haunting Magic By Neely Powell

The highly anticipated second book of The Witches of New Mourne Series, HAUNTING MAGIC is now available! 

Haunting Magic
(The Witches of New Mourne, book 2)
by Neely Powell


Fiona Burns is a witch who sees dead people. Bailey Powers sees her as the next cable star—and a fake. Even so, she’s tempted by the dynamic producer in more ways than one.
But she has a big distraction—a vicious curse on her family coven.

The ghosts of New Mourne warn of the return of the Woman in White, a vengeful spirit who claims the life of a Connelly witch from every generation. In fighting back, Fiona unwittingly fuels the demonic forces, and black magic brings death and heartbreak to her family.

Initially a skeptic, Bailey is soon caught up in her supernatural battle with forces of evil. He’s also beginning to think Fiona can help him escape his haunting past. 

With magic and mayhem at war and survival on the line, the Witches of New Mourne face a new challenge from their ancient foe. Will another generation fall? Or does the curse end here?

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Fiona’s cape billowed though the air was still, heavy, and hot.

She took out a long, curved knife, drew a circle at her feet and crossing marks. She placed five candles around her—red, orange, purple, violet, and yellow—and raised her hand. The candles flamed bright, and Bailey blinked. How had she done that?

He saw storm clouds gather in what had been a clear, blue sky.

Fiona looked like a beautiful red bird getting ready to rise to the sky. The wind roared, a sound amplified in the oppressive silence. She began to chant.

The ground on the ridge in front of her fell away in big chunks. When the trembling stopped, a dark opening had been torn into the land. Fiona walked in.

Bailey remained on his knees, stunned. She had just moved a mountain.

Foreboding washed through him as he scrambled toward the cave’s entrance. He had to stop Fiona or something terrible would happen.

Just inside the opening, he started to call out. Then he heard a sound behind him and whirled. Pain shot through his head. His legs buckled, and the world went black.

The Witches of New Mourne Series

Awakening Magic
Bk #1

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About The Author

Neely Powell is the pseudonym for co-writers Leigh Neely and Jan Hamilton Powell. Long-time friends, they’re the authors of “The Witches of New Mourne” a paranormal series about a family coven, a centuries’ old curse and an enchanted town. AWAKENING MAGIC is available from The Wild Rose Press, and now HAUNTING MAGIC continues the story. Their first paranormal novel, TRUE NATURE, is also available from The Wild Rose Press.


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