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Monday, August 21, 2017

Pre-Order Blast: Her Noble Highlander by Jennae Vale

The highly anticipated second book in the The Mackalls of Dunnet Head series releases on September 15, 2017. 
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Two marriageable sisters, one highland laird.  What could possibly go wrong?

Isla and Merry Mackall are of marriageable age and Laird Aleck Sinclair is interested, but which sister is most suited to becoming Lady Sinclair?  Isla is a warrior at heart and has no wish to be a wife.  Merry is her exact opposite, everything a highland laird like Aleck Sinclair could ask for.  The sisters each believe the other should be the one to marry Laird Sinclair and while Aleck’s physical attraction is to Isla, he sees Merry’s sweet and nurturing demeanor to be more fitting for a wife.  His decision is complicated by the mysterious appearance of a bairn from the future who appears courtesy of Edna Campbell and Anania, the Elven Queen.  The child must be protected at any cost.  Nurturing instincts, which she was sure she didn’t possess, arise in Isla as she vows to protect the child with her life if necessary.  Aleck, intent on finding the bairns Ma, clashes with Isla who has grown attached to the little one.

Protecting the child and returning her to the future will complicate matters as they fight a man who seeks vengeance against Edna and wants the child for his own evil purpose.  A lot is riding on this, including the future of the Sinclair name.

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Her Trusted Highlander
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About The Author

Jennae Vale is an author of romance with a touch of magic. Her Scottish Medieval time travel series The Thistle & Hive, Books One through Four, is available in print and ebook versions from Amazon. The first book in her new series, The Mackalls of Dunnet Head has been released, with more to come throughout 2016.

Jennae started life in Massachusetts as part of a large extended Irish and Italian family of imaginative story tellers, but now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, her dog, two cats and four chickens. Storytelling is her passion, but Jennae also loves to quilt,  cook, read and indulge in her crafting obsession when she’s not writing.

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