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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Gift Ideas for the Book Lover #109

Welcome to Gift Ideas for the Book Lover! A weekly series sharing awesome items that the book lover in your life and/or you will love!!  Today we have a few 'household items" that any book lover will want to have!!  Let me know what you think! 

Perfect for any room in the house!! This lovely Antique Book Design would bring a smile to any book lover!
But wait there's more!! These bookends are perfect too AND it comes with hidden drawers!!

Here's another great storage solution for your office! Great for holding pen/pencils or if you're a planner like me, the gel pens!

Okay, not only is this functional but also OH SO ROMANTIC!! Especially since its not only about the amount of time you've been with someone but that they know you so well!! 
This 5 years of marriage bookmark is a perfect gift! 

Not married? Been married more than 5 years or not yet? Click here to check out all the other bookmarkers! 

Are you also guilty of this? 
I know I've said that way too often! "Just one more chapter" and several chapters later, I may still be saying the same thing! There are a few books that I just ended up admitting to myself "I'm not going to bed until I finish this book!" You? What was the last book you stayed up reading all night long? 

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