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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Audio Book Lovin’ Presents: Viviana and the Audio Book

It seems just like yesterday, Kelly and I were chatting about the latest audio books we were listening to and what we had lined up next and what we had on our wish list. Then I asked "what if we did a month long series celebrating/discussing audiobooks?" and so we began planning our first Audio Book Lovin' event and now this is our second year! We have over forty authors and narrators this year and we expect to continue to grow and improve with each year. Yet, our goal will always remain to bring you our best and share our love of audio books with everyone!

We've learned A LOT last year from the amount of work it involves to produce an audio book to the fact that some authors are not included in the selection of the narrators while others hand pick them. We got several "behind the scenes" moments and information from the narrators, from the type of equipment they used to where they recorded in a professional studio or a home made one (and how that home made one was constructed was EXTREMELY interesting) to their process. This year we have several new narrators joining the series and we'll get to learn how they do their thing. Those we got to meet last year, we'll get to catch up with them and see what they've been up to since last we connected!

In the last year, audio books sales have soared! They have become significantly more trendy and they are popular with all age ranges. There are several different factors why this is, however, I think it all boils down to that a great audio book brings the story to life. It allows you to multi-task and still be able to escape into the story. For me, I have been extra busy between the "day job" and my own business which I LOVE. Add blogging and coordinating events like Audio Book Lovin, plus of course FAMILY, there is little time for things like reading. Though, you can find me at 1am, in bed reading a book, however, those nights are not often. I'm able to listen to the audio book on my drive to work, and then once at the day job, I pop in my earbuds and continue while I'm working. You can listen while exercising, cleaning, driving, working, etc. It's AWESOME! So for me, audio books provide me with the ability to "read" during a time in my life that I'm really busy and might not otherwise be able to.

Last year I wrote a piece on my Top 5 Reason to Love Audiobooks (click on the image below to read the post).

One of the reasons was the Availability and that by availability, I meant  that audible books can be taken anywhere and are accessible from a variety of vendors (i.e. i.e. them through Amazon, Audible, Tantor Media, Brilliance Audio, Recorded Books and many more). I made a true to Viviana form (sarcastic sally hahaha) remark that I was sure that someone was going to say something about the associated cost with audio books, i.e. they are soooo expensive, or like someone in a recent FB post said that they were too poor pay for books which is why they were inquiring about a pirating site.... uhm... there's this building called

and they not only provide those with membership (i.e. a library card, which is FREE by the way) with items they can borrow such as paperbacks and hardcovers, but as technology has grown and now available to many, libraries now also carry eBooks AND audio books. GASP, I know, right? Imagine that, going through the "legal way" to get something for free! 

Anyways, if you have never listened to an audio book before, but would like to give it a shot, I highly suggest checking out your local library. They have several different options and apps you can utilize. Also, Audible is another alternative as they will have great sign up features like getting your first book free from time to time.
If you've tried and maybe couldn't get into it because of the narrator, or thought the voices didn't match what yo thought of them, or any other reasons, I say, try again. Pick a story and author you know and like and try! Or try someone new! There are so many truly gifted narrators that you never know who you will fall for! 

Your turn!! Tell us what you love about audio books! Was there one that you listened to that made you fall in love with them and if so, which one? Looking forward to chatting! 

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  1. I love being able to multi-task and listen to a good story at the same time. It's great for house chores, cooking, or even playing a mindless computer game.

  2. I just love listening to the different narrators men or women. They bring to.life the authors exciting stories

    1. Hi Julie! Similar to you, love listening to the different narrators and what they bring to "table" as the saying goes... they do bring the stories to life!

  3. I love listening to audiobooks while driving. It seems like I'm accomplishing more than I am. Also, there are certain series that I now have to listen to on audiobook once I've started them. JD Robb's is one, since I can't read the book without hearing the narrator in my head.

  4. Audio books have brought reading back into my life. With and long commute and busy life, it was hard to find time to sit and read. Audio books allow me to read/listen while doing laundry, housework, grocery shopping, yard work, and commuting to my job. An amazing narrator can really bring a story to life for me and enhance the reading experience. For me it makes reading more like a movie or adult story time!! Long live audio format!!!