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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Audio Book Lovin' Presents: Audio Books Here, Audio Books There Audio Books Everywhere!

Day two of  Audio Book Lovin' and we thought we'd chat about where audio books are available besides the major vendors, of course! HOWEVER, before we get into that, if you missed yesterday's post, please make sure to visit to see the list of over 40 authors, narrators and special guests participating in this year's Audio Book Lovin' event! The post also included information on the series and how it will work!  So make sure to visit us BOTH daily!!! Click on our individual buttons (see the pretty ones below) that will take you to our respective post of the day. 

Okay! On with the show!

Okay, June is audio book month and if you didn't know, well now you do! Before we start sharing with you all the awesome audio books clips and the narrators that voice the characters and bring the stories to life as well as the authors who write the stories, we wanted to chat with you about the different ways for you to get or listen to audiobooks besides the major vendors where you can purchase them (listed below). 

Sometimes you can purchase them directly from the publisher.  Throughout the years of my love of books and audiobooks as well, one thing I've heard a lot of is "but they are so expensive" or "They cost so much and I'm only going to listen to it once." 

I do get it to some degree. The way that I read/listen... it CAN be an expensive hobby. However, how much was that latte at Starbucks? Oh, wait... what about that glass of wine with your dinner? No, no.. hold on... Didn't you just recently upgrade to the latest phone model and you JUST upgraded again? LOL I'm not judging. Really, I'm not. I'm just saying that BEFORE you start, ahem.. complaining that a book costs too much you should take a second to think about the questions I just asked. Now... I did say that it can be an expensive hobby for book lovers like myself. THANKFULLY there's a wonderful and magical place called

In this magical place you can borrow the books for FREE! Yes, you read correctly! FREE! This is where it gets better... they have them in different formats  - paperback, ebooks and audiobooks!! I know some of you may be thinking "Jeez Viv, a bit much on the sarcasm." or my favorite "No, duh!? Really?!" LOL. But the truth is, many people tend to forget that there is a library and that they do provide the advance technology of not only ebooks but audiobooks as well. Before anyone starts with the "Oh, but my library is SMALL." or the "I live in a rural..." mentality, we live in a GLOBAL world where many of the libraries are reducing physical inventory but working with neighboring (and at times, larger cities) areas to enhance their electronic inventory!  This means they will work together with other libraries via third party vendors like OverdriveOneClickdigital, and Hoopla Digital.

Lets start with OneClickdigital which is owned and operated by Recorded Books Publishing
"OneClickdigital brings exclusive Recorded Books eAudio, as well as content from all major publishers, together with an eBook service. Combine eBooks and eAudio in one collection, offering the most comprehensive platform for your content. Curated title lists feature the best literature in a wide variety of genres along with an outstanding collection of award-winning Children's and Young Adult titles."

The cool thing about OneClickdigital? They have their mobile app available for iPad®, 
iPhone®, Android™, and Kindle Fire™! 

Overdrive is another great provider that lends eBooks, audiobooks, music and video! 

Overdrive works with every major Device!
With Kindle® compatibility (U.S. only), apps for every major platform and OverDrive Read, your digital library service is compatible with every major device on the market. Visit the website for more information! 

HooplaDigital is actually one of my favorites and I use it ALL THE TIME!! 
Instantly borrow free digital movies, music, and more, 24/7 with your library card.

These are just THREE resources that many libraries have that allow its patrons to listen to audiobooks. I hope that you go and find out what your local library has to offer and SIGN UP!!! Remember it's FREE!!! You can't beat that AWESOME deal!!! :)  
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  1. Thank you for covering this information. The library is was my resource when I finally decided to give audio a try...totally addicted now!

  2. Thank you for covering this information. The library is was my resource when I finally decided to give audio a try...totally addicted now!

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