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Friday, February 12, 2016

Free Graphics For You: Romantic Quotes

Welcome to the third FREE GRAPHICS FOR YOU!!! 
Valentine's Day is just around the corner and though I'm a firm believer in that we shouldn't wait for the one day to show affection or tell those we love how we feel, this day will forever be "very romantic".  However, I didn't want to make graphics specific only for Valentine's Day because that limits us. I don't like limits! :) If you're like me, romance is part of the genre we read and thus around us often. I decided to create some graphics with Romantic Quotes! 

Check out the free graphics from the first FREE GRAPHICS FOR YOU here
These are all book related!

To grab the images, all you have to do is right click on them and click on "Open in New Tab" (that way they open as big as possible), click on the new tab where the image is available, place your mouse over the image to see if you can enlarge it (and do so if you can) and then right click on the image and click on “Save Image As” and save to your drive. 

Again, feel free to use these graphics for your blog, FB Pages, FB Profiles, Events, Social Media Platforms, etc. 
Please do not modify the image or remove the "Enchantress Design & Promo".

If you are in need of graphic design services such as graphic teasers, FB cover photos, advertisements, book covers, etc., please visit my website Enchantress Design & Promo for more information and samples of my work.  

I’ll be working on some more graphics to share with you all but would LOVE ideas for quotes! Tell me your favorite in the comments and I’ll see what I can create!! If you use these graphics on your blog or social media, would love to see it! Share the link!! 

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