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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Book Review: Night's Honor (Elder Races #7) by Thea Harrison

Night's Honor 
(Elder Races Series, Book #7) 
by Thea Harrison 

On the run from her former employer, Tess knows that she’s vulnerable on her own amongst the Elder Races. That’s why she decides to audition to become the human attendant of a powerful Vampyre of the Nightkind demesne. But while her position affords her the safety she seeks, her protector turns out to be more than she bargained for.

The right-hand man of the Nightkind King, Xavier del Torro is both terrifying and alluring. While his true nature frightens Tess, she can’t ignore the appeal of his innate sense of integrity and self-restraint. Thrown into Xavier’s world, Tess must quickly learn to navigate the dangers—both to her life and to her heart. But the biggest threat comes from her own past….

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Viviana's Review: 
Loved "Night's Honor". As with any series that has this many installments, sometimes, you'll have one or two that you're not so much in love with. This series, for me, is one that I read for enjoyment. I love the world Thea has created and the characters are all unique! While I have enjoyed some of the previous stories... I haven't been drawn into them as much as I was with "Night's Honor". I REALLY enjoyed this story and the characters. Xavier was very much an Alpha Male, but had a soft or rather genteel manner about him even though he is notoriously know for his ruthlessness. Tess is feisty which will be interesting considering she's trying to become an attendant.

This book was different in that the characters were getting to know each others as we were getting to know them. The romance is slow building which is nice for a PNR... The majority of the was them getting to know each other and Tess having to come to terms with agreement she made and ensuring her past doesn't come back to hurt her. While some may have issues with the "lack of action", I was okay with it. And we do get that action just later in the book. :)

Oh and we get some interesting insight into Melly and Julian... there is definitely a story there and it looks like its going to be a doozy! Can't wait!

One of my favorite quote: 
“Tell me it’s okay to fall in love with you.” 

“You’d better. I’m not falling in love all by myself.”

Overall, a really good read to a series that continues to grow and expand in characters and realms. Xavier was this romantic, extremely well mannered, old fashion gentleman that just makes you fall for him and Tess is a strong enough heroine that you route for her! 

 Rating: 3.5 Stars - I REALLY Liked it

I received a complimentary copy of this book from PENGUIN GROUP Berkley in exchange for an honest review. This review is my own opinion and not a paid review.

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