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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Audio Book Lovin' Presents: Viviana's Top 5 Reason to Love Audiobooks

By now you should know that June is Audio Book Month. 
But just in case....

Okay, now that that  is settled. 

I remember listening to audiobooks at school and they sounded funny. The quality wasn't good and you head that annoying click, click, click in the background because so many people had already listened to it to it the recording was damaged. Plus, as a kid, reading that was school material may not have been exactly what we wanted to do. However, as a child and a teen, I was an avid reader. LOVED it back then. Alway had my face in a book, so didn't really have the idea of needing to listen to one. I had the TIME to read. Sigh...

#1. Story-telling: There are great books! There are great narrators! When you pair up a great book with a great narrator the magic occurs! Or when your favorite author and narrator teamed up! Audiobooks add another layer or dimension to the story that was already great to begin with. The narrator brings to life the characters and they provide the reader with a magical experience! 

#2. Multi-tasking: I'm sure many of you are like me... BUSY! Day job is 40 a week, plus I come hope to another almost 30 hours a week for my own business. Add of course things like responsibility of cooking, cleaning, hanging out with the family, shopping for grocery... WHEN am I supposed to fit some ME time in there let a lone some READING TIME! Enter the awesome Audiobook! I can listen while at the day job, or while I'm driving to work, cleaning, or doing the grocery shopping. Heck, I can be listening to a book right now while I'm typing these very words! LOL!

#3. Details: When I'm into/love the book as I'm reading it, I'm devouring it! It's awesome! I can read it in one sitting. People are surprised how fast I can read! There's a drawback... details. Sometimes, I missed a specific detail or a quirk from a character.  Re-reading or Listening to the audiobook forces me to SLOW DOWN and I pay more attention to those details. 

#4. Impairment: this was one of Kelly's favorite's as well. She was right in having this as one of her favorites. In fact, when I request an audiobook be added to the catalog at my local library, I list the fact that someone with an impairment will be able to enjoy/listen to the book. We are all different. Many people were discouraged from reading not because they didn't like it, but because they couldn't focus or had trouble reading or understanding what they reading. Having some else read you the book is a solution to many! We have such phenomenal narrators that people get to discover new authors because they follow the narrator! 

#5. Availability: By availability, I mean audible books can be taken anywhere and are accessible from a variety of vendors (i.e. them through Amazon, Audible, Tantor Media, Brilliance Audio, Recorded Books and many more). WAIT! Before you start with "audiobooks are too expensive", or "I can't afford audiobooks" or anything like that... 
its call 

and these audiobooks are FREE!!! 
You may want to check out my post from earlier in the series call "Audio Books Here, Audio Books There Audio Books Everywhere!" where I shared some AWESOME and FREE resources for audiobooks! 

These are just some of the reasons why I love audiobooks. If you haven't listened to one before, visit one of the vendors,  find your favorite authors and listen to the audio clips. Do you like the narrator's voice? Do you think you can listen to them for the next 7 to 14 hours? Give it a try! Remember to check your local library! 


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  1. Did you know ladies that lots of truckers listen to romance audio books. I think that's wonderful