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Thursday, May 21, 2015

RT Book Lovers Convention 2015 Recap

While I was on the fence about attending this year's RT Convention, I'm glad I went as I got to hang out with Kelly from Books-N-Kisses! We spent the entire week together not only having fun, getting to know each other but planning and working on our Audio Book Lovin' series that is fast approaching this June and coming up with some new ideas and collaborations!! I've tagged the authors' FB Pages for you all to go visit them and give them some lovin'! 

The hotel was decked out in posters that varied in sized but they were all BIG! LOL! The city view you see below was the view from our room! The train was right there, but we were both knocked out from the day's and night's festivities we never heard it!

Got to meet Authors Jaci Burton (top right),  Julie Ann Walker (bottom left), as well as Danica Winters (top left)! As you can see, Kelly and I had lots of fun!! She even found a tiara! LOL Oh and warning, if you give the THE KELLYS (that's Kelly Mueller and Kelly Oats from Got Fiction (center pic)) your camera, be prepare to find pictures of them on your phone!  LOL! 

We got to hang out with the lovely and awesome Darynda Jones (top left Darynda and me)! We also got our advance copy of Eight Grave After Dark WOOHOO! Kelly had some fun with Darynda and Kelly O. as well (center pic)! Attended a panel that included Jennifer Probst (bottom left) so I was able to hang out afterward to get her to sign my book :)  Then met up with Jennifer Estep! We hung out for a little bit, chatted about "fan moments" and then got our books signed! Danced the night away with Authors Donna Grant, Carrie Ann Ryan, Sara HumphreysDanica Winters, Julie Kenner,  the fabulous Jennifer Wilson who dragged us out of our rooms (we were working on the Audio Book Lovin Series) to come join the party (center top pic)! Can't forget meeting photographer Charles Paz (bottom center)! He was fun! He and I will be connecting in the near future... more to come....

More pics from dancing the night away with Authors Donna GrantCarrie Ann RyanSara HumphreysDanica WintersJulie Kenner as we had a blast dancing (top left and right, left center row, bottom left pic)! The center picture is of the Cover Model Karaoke event hosted by The Smutketeers and International Heat blog groups. Loads of fun!! Bottom right corner are the authors from the Author Chat: Love, Passion & Action! panel 

The weather behaved itself for one day long enough for us to venture out and grab breakfast with Molly Harper and her Street Team! We enjoyed the walk back to the hotel :)

Got some goodies from Julie Ann Walker to read (top left)!! Tiffany Reisz (center left) had some office hours, lol on Friday for her readers/fans to stop by to get books signed or to say hi! She ROCKS!!!  Shared some swag from Monica Burns and Dannika Dark with RT attendees! And got to meet and hang out with the fabulous writing dual Jessica Clare and Jen Frederick (bottom left) from the HITMAN Series which is awesome and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!

Saturday was the LARGE Book Signing! The pictures don't do it justice on how crazy busy it was!  However, Kelly and I had a system and we had most of our books signed throughout the week (what can I say, we work smarter, not harder when we can!) Kelly found Rachel Vincent (top left) among the many YA Authors!  And the always LOVELY Donna Grant (center left) basically sold out within the hour! YOU GO GIRL!!! Makes me want to email her publisher and say "Uhm, triple the number of copies for next year's RT Convention! She's like her Dragons, SMOKIN!" Then of course, Kelly just had to photo bomb author Jennifer Ryan (center middle and center right)! You can see how crowded it was in the bottom left picture.  Carrie Ann Ryan was all smiles for Kelly and me!

Jaci Burton (top left) had several of her yummy books and swag with her book covers with her! We got some awesome coffee mugs from Kennedy Lane! And we have an awesome idea for a fun event we're going to be hosting that involve those cups but more to come with that later!! hehehehe  Met up with Jennifer Probst (top right) again for another autograph for a book I won! ;) Jessica Clare (bottom left) signing a copy of LAST KISS for our Audio Book Lovin Giveaway!! Woohoo!!! The always fabulous Sylvia Day (bottom center) and what can I say about Darynda Jones (bottom right) that I haven't already raved about! I just adore her! She's awesome!!

Tara Lain (bottom left) and I were like two ships in the night, completely missing each other! But that's because we were both so busy, in a good way! I had to head out on Saturday, late afternoon to hang out with family but had a blast with Kelly and many others!!! 

The RT Convention will be held in Las Vegas next year and I do plan on attending. I'm planning on proposing some panels which means that if they are selected by RT, I'll be speaking at the event as well! Wish me luck! LOTS of exciting and new things coming my way and I can't wait to share it all with you!! We have lots of exciting new things coming our way and I can't wait to share them with you all!


  1. So sad not to spend time with you! But it was a fun event wasn't it? Looking forward to the audiobooks! *hugs* : )

  2. I can't believe we weren't even ships in the night, Viviana! Hopefully, in Vegas we'll get to hang out for a bit :) you have some amazing pictures, and I know you had as much fun as I did!

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews