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Monday, January 12, 2015

Book Review: Immortal by J.R. Ward

(Fallen Angels Series, Bk #6)
by J.R. Ward
Narrated by: Eric Dove

From J.R. Ward, the #1 New York Times bestselling author who has kept readers on the edge of their seats with her phenomenal Fallen Angels novels, comes one of the most heart-stirring and eagerly anticipated events in that acclaimed series.

This is a world where sin and salvation collide. This is a world where a cynical fallen angel struggles with the seven deadly sins and seven chosen souls. With the spellbinding Immortal, the riveting series that “changed the face of paranormal romance” (Suit101.com) comes to an epic close as mankind’s reluctant savior struggles with his greatest challenge yet...

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Viviana's Review: 
I've been listening to this series via audio books... with the last two books, the story has had something missing for me. That "Oh I can't wait to read" wasn't there, which is why I waited this long to read/listen to this book. As I've gotten this far in the series and this being the last book, I did want to see how everything turned out.

Thank goodness for audio book - I think I would have shut the book in frustration during certain parts, if I would have read it. Sissy was so WHINY!!!! I totally get she was dealt a bad hand, but okay - face it, accept it and move on! FIND a way to make things move forward. Jim was also a bit childish in how he dealt with some things and you sort of wanted to smack him across the head and tell him "MAN UP! You're the fucking savior - stop thinking with your dick or your heart!" Thank goodness Adrian did that once or twice.

Adrian was the glue that held not only Jim and the war together but this book as well! He continues to be sassy but a maturity has fallen upon him due to the events from the past books.

Everything in the end was tied up in a gorgeous bow with sparkling gift wrapping paper. You almost missed that final round or rather confrontation. I wanted a bigger ending based on all the things Jim, Eddie and Adrian had to deal with and make happen. J.R. Ward has left the ending open to future installments or a spin-off. May be a good thing, but only if she is truly 100% committed to the writing. I think both authors and publishers need to learn that not all stories need to be more than 3 books long or a series to begin with. AND if the case is that it will be a long(er) series, then don't rush the writing!

Narrator's Review: He rocks! Always have! He certainly brings the series and characters to life. Each character has their own personality and voice/tone. Great narrator!

Overall, while this may have been longer than the previous books, I think they could have shortened it by tightening up the internal dialogue and had less whining. This final installment was better than the last two previous books but still left you with the "could have been better" taste.

Rating: 3 Stars - I Liked It

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