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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Book Review (Audio Book): Possession (Fallen Angels #5) by J.R. Ward

(Fallen Angels Series, bk #5) 
By  J.R. Ward

Narrator: Eric Dove

When Cait Douglass resolves to get over her broken heart, throw off her inhibitions, and start really living, she’s unprepared for the two sensual men who cross her path. Torn between them, she doesn't know which to choose--or what kind of dire consequences could follow.

Jim Heron, fallen angel and reluctant savior, is ahead in the war, but he puts everything at risk when he seeks to make a deal with the devil--literally. As yet another soul is unwittingly caught in the battle between him and the demon Devina, his fixation on an innocent trapped in Hell threatens to sidetrack him from his sacred duty...

Can good still prevail if true love makes a savior weak? And will a woman’s future be the key, or the curse, for all of humanity? Only time, and hearts, will tell.

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Viviana's Review:

Needless to say that this was one that I was eagerly anticipating. I Love J.R. Ward! I fell in love with this series from the first book. So of course I'm going to be on pins & needles until I get my hands on it and read it!!!

In POSSESSION, there were two stories going on at the same time: Jim's and the whole "Sissy" thing (okay... so yeah, he's a bit obsessed and we all know it. Now, to see where it goes and how it all fits into the world/plan/story) and Cait and Duke story. I liked this and didn't at the same time. Without giving spoilers, let's say that "Team Angels" were a bit MIA with regards to this round! However, this did allow for Adrien to wake up and get "in the game" so to speak. The "like' regarding the two separate yet not story lines is that it gave you the opportunity of not throwing the book against the wall. Just when you're about to yell "JIM! Freaking WAKE UP!! There's a LOT at stake here!" and get frustrated, the POV/story line changes to Cait's and Duke's and G.B.'s.

So Cait is the artist and teacher and the heroine of this story. Duke is one of the bouncers of The iron Mask (we do get a peek of the BDB - LOVE THIS). He is also a city worker. Since they first met, it was obvious that there was a spark! Enter G.B., a smooth, charming singer who has all the local ladies swooning, yet he only has eyes for her. As the story evolves, we find out lots of 'interesting' things regarding all three. We all know she can't have both men and of course there is going to have to be a decision made. All this is part of the story line and the things we find out keep the story going forward.

Devina, you ask? Yeah, she's still in the game and crazy and evil as usual! We also get some insight on her.

Sissy is having to come to terms with being free of Devina yet not able to have things be as they were. We all knew that there was a reason why she stands out more than just because Jim found her and how he found her. We should know more in the upcoming book!

While this was a good book/story, I felt there was a bit of a disconnect between the two plots. While it was a good for the reasons I pointed out above, it still effects the overall reading/experience of the story/book as a whole. However, with that said, you know darn well that I am pre-ordering the next Fallen Angels book and will be eagerly awaiting for it. Especially as there were several moment that get the ...

Narrator Review: Oh I LOVE Eric Dove!! He gives each of the character their own unique voices and tones. He truly brings them to life. Oh and the males! Oh so sexy!!

Overall, a good read that gives you some insights into what's coming and hopes that it will go back to being the AWESOME series that it has been thus far!

Rating: 3 Stars - I Liked It

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