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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Book Review: Twinge by Homar Solano

By Homar Solano


This is the story of Julie Moore whose dreams and aspirations is to get just the ‘right guy’ in her life, but her dreams and aspirations are about to change forever…
In broad daylight, life in Dead Valley is just too darn perfect, seldom if something bad ever happens. But once it turns dark outside, the environment turns hostile. A lot of people go missing each night without a trace. No one in the valley knows exactly why, and they are afraid to uncover the truth. That is until a bright sunny afternoon, Julie Moore is pronounced dead. Stunningly, the next morning without any knowledge that she is supposed to be dead, she finds herself walking in the village. Living in a nightmare that she hopes to awaken one day, she has now to uncover the hard reality of her true identity and the secrets that the village hides within itself, before it’s too late and the evil begins exterminating her and the people from the valley…

But will Julie Moore dreams and aspirations to get the ‘right guy’ as she tries to find her way out from the secrets she uncovers prevail?

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Brittany's Review: 
I would have loved to have given this extremely interesting concept of a story a more positive review, but that will not be the case for Twinge. I believe this book had a wonderful and intriguing plot but was poorly executed.  It started off on a very direct statement and I had high hopes that this was going to be a spunky teen just trying to make it in the world, then I continued reading and with each page my interest got lower and lower. I try to overlook minor grammatical infractions and usually that’s the brains first inclination, to do autocorrect on a misplaced comma here and there. My efforts to ignore the run on sentences and overly formal speech patterns of all the characters were was immense but unfortunately I was unable to complete this book because it was just overcomplicated. I know author gave their all in his novel, and that’s all anyone can ask for, I wish the very best for Homar and best of luck next time.

Rating: DNF
(Did Not Finish the Book)

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. This review is my own opinion and not a paid review.

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